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The Mill Creek Cemetery, also known as the Frederick Cemetery, is located in Monroe Township in the southwest quarter of Section 31. It is on the north side of North-Montgomery-County Line Road and west of Boone Road. It is the site of the Mill Creek Friends Monthly Meeting house (Quaker). The cemetery is surrounded by a stone wall said to have been built by Frederick Yount. It is one of the older Friends cemeteries in this area.



Miami Valley Genealogies Vol 6 Quaker Records, Complied by Lindsey M. Brien, 1935

   -Miami Troy Local History Library, Troy, Ohio

Mill Creek Monthly Meeting Marriages, Births, and Deaths from 1823-Copied by the Allen County Library, 2004

-         Micorfilm at the Miami Troy Local History Library, Troy, Ohio

-         Printed copy at Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana




BEESON, Mary, d. May 27, 1844, age 67yrs


COATE, Abigail, formerly Conaway, d. May 2, 1837


COPPOCK, Rebecca, d. Jul 27, 1823, age 1y 11m 8d, w/o Moses Coppock

COPPOCK, Lydia, d. Mar 20, 1830, age 37y 0m 2d, w/o Moses Coppock

COPPOCK, James, d. Feb 9, 1838, age 79y 4m

COPPOCK, Hannah, d. Apr 11,1820, age 58y 1m 2d, w/o James Coppock


EVANS, Joseph, d. Aug 31, 1828, age 79y 11d

EVANS, Esther, d. May 30, 1830, age 74yrs, w/o Joseph Evans

EVANS, Aaron, d. Dec 7, 1814, age 20yrs, s/o Joseph & Esther Evans


FURNAS, Mary, d. Sep 20, 1834, age 14y 9m 10d, d/o John & Sally Furnas

FURNAS, Joseph, d. Oct 26, 1821, age 1m 22d, s/o John & Sally Furnas


INSCO, Ann, d. Feb 14, 1842, age about 82yrs, d/o Thomas Pearson, sister of Enoch Pearson

INSCO, Abel, d. Feb 18, 1831, age 70y 3m 21d


JAY, Betty, d. Apr 23, 1821, age 64y 0m 0d, w/o John Jay, formerly from Bush

   -  River, SC [correction in MM records-date of birth from Hopewell MM, VA-

   -  born Sep 11, 1755, age 65y 7m 17d

JAY, John, d. Apr 23, 1829, age 77y

JAY, Thomas, d. Jul 8, 1815, age 40y 0m 20d, s/o John & Betty Jay, born in Newberry District, SC

JAY, Mary, d. Aug 28, 1811, age 36y 11m 4d, w/o Thomas Jay, d/o Thomas Pearson

   -  [correction in MM records -age should be 32y 11m 4d]

JAY, John, d. May 7, 1814, age 9 yrs, s/o Thomas & Mary Jay

JAY, Jesse, d. Sep 25, 1840, age 66y 9m 17d, s/o John & Betty Jay

JAY, Sarah, d. Sep 2, 1833, age 54y 9m

JAY, James, d. Oct 22, 1845, age 53y 11m 16d, s/o John & Betty Jay, a native of Bush River, SC

JAY, William, d. Nov 4, 1821, age 8m 9d, s/o Samuel & Bathsheba Jay

JAY, Lydia, d. Oct 22, 1849, age 24y 10d, d/o Samuel & Bathsheba Jay

JAY, Bathsheba, d. Jan 3, 1850, age 62y 5d, w/o Samuel Jay

JAY, William, d. Dec 17, 1822, age 6y 2m 4d, s/o James & Martha Jay

JAY, Elisabeth, d. Feb 8, 1840, age 18y 10m 10d, d/o W. D. Jay

Jay, Thomas Elwood, d. Jun 17, 1842, age 2m 1d, s/o Denny Jay

JAY, Macy, d. Mar 31, 1832, age 13y 8m 7d, s/o W. Denny Jay

JAY, Hannah, d. Apr 11, 1826, age 1y 11m 9d, d/o James & Martha Jay

JAY, Lydia, d. Apr 12, 1843, age 18y 23d, d/o Benj & Anna Pearson

JAY, John, d. Jun 11, 1848, age 47y 6m 29d

JAY, Enoch, d. Mar 22, 1848, age 22y 2m 28d

JAY, Ann, d. Jan 9, 1849, age 37y 8m 11d, w/o Jonathan Jay, d/o Elisha Jones


JENKINS, Rachel, d. Jun 19, 1834, age 23y 4d, w/o James Jenkins, d/o Samuel Jay

JENKINS, Verlinda, d. Aug 27, 1830, age 23y 8m 14d, w/o Robert Jenkins


JULIEN, Charlotte, d. Jan 19, 1843


MACY, Deborah, d. Jan 1, 1823, w/o Paul Macy

MACY, Paul, d. Feb 8, 1832, age 91y 9m 5d, A Native of __? the 4th generation from the Thomas Macy

   -     that settled that island came to Ohio from NC

MACY, Emily, d. Aug 16, 1846, age 9m 23d, d/o ____ Macy

MACY, Mary, d. May 1, 1845, age 55y 9m 3d, w/o Thomas Macy

MACY, Jesse, d. Jun 13, 1834, age 20y 4m 28d, s/o Thomas & Mary Macy

MACY, Paul, d. Jul 1821, age 1y 8m 26d, s/o Thomas & Mary Macy


McCOOLE, Charity, d. Jun 5, 1841


NEAL, James, d. Jul 19, 1832, age 51y 6m 7d


PATTY, Rebecca, d. Aug 8, 1822, age 12y 6m 6d, d/o Charles & Phebe Patty

PATTY, Anna, d. May 29, 1839, age 19y 1m 14d, d/o Charles & Phebe Patty


PEARSON, Ann, d. Oct 10, 1846, age 40yrs

PEARSON, Mary, d. Aug 23, 1812, age 73y 7m 29d

PEARSON, Charity, d. June 3, 1811, age about 22y, w/o Robert Pearson,

   -           d/o John & Sarah Galbraith of Georgia

PEARSON, Joseph, d. June 19, 1814, age 59y 2m 19d, s/o Thomas & Mary Pearson

PEARSON, Samuel, d. Feb 2, 1810,

PEARSON, William, d. Oct 30, 1813

PEARSON, Thomas, d. Oct 13, 1820, age 92y 6m 20d, A Native of PA moved to Bush River, SC transferred 

   -            to Ohio___?, Father of Enoch Pearson, a Minister

PEARSON, Prudence, d. Sep 7, 1831, age 1y 11m 0d

PEARSON, Mary d. Oct 29, 1831, age 4y 8m 19d

PEARSON, Anna Jane, d. Jan 16, 1843, age 2y 2m, d/o Be___Pearson

PEARSON, Jesse, d. Jan 23, 1833, age 8m 4d, s/o Benjamin & Anna Pearson

PEARSON, Elisabeth, d. Oct 6, 1838, age 2y 8m 24d, s/o Benjamin & Anna Pearson

PEARSON, Roseanna, d Jan 12, 1840, age 1y 1m 28d, d/o Benjamin & Anna Pearson


WERTZ, Delilah, d. Jul 11, 1827, age 31y 11m 12d


YOUNT, John, d. Dec 1, 1822, age 54y 1m 8d

YOUNT, Joanna, d. Jun 12, 1824, about 24yrs, w/of Solomon Yount



MILL CREEK BURIALS –Stones readable in 1935


From: Miami Valley Records Vol 4, Mill Creek/Frederick Cemeteries, by Lindsey M. Brien, 1935


BOWMAN, John, infant s/o Joseph & Mary, d. Oct 18, 1834

BOWMAN, Rebecca, d. Oct 20, 1834, age 61y 11m 19d


EVANS, J., 1828 [see Mill Creek MM records above]

EVANS, E., 1830       

EVANS, A., 1814       


FURNAS, Beulah, w/o Robert, d. Jun 24, 1854, age 22y 1, 28d

FURNAS, Joseph, infant s/o J. & S., d. Oct 26, 1821

FURNAS, Mary, infant d/o J. & S., d. Sep 39, 1834, age 14yrs


JACKSON, Catharine, w/o Jesse L., d. Apr 24, 1872, age 23y 8m 17d

JACKSON, Rebecca, d/o J. L. & C. E., d. Jul 30, 1972, age 5/8?m 11d


JAY, Lydia, first w/o Jesse Jay, d. Apr 13, 1843, age 18y 24d

JAY, Rhoda, second w/o Jesse Jay, d. Mar 23, 1851, age 25y 5m 8d

JAY, James-illegible

JAY, Enoch, 1848

JAY, Macy, s/o D. & M., d Mar 31, 1832, age 13yrs

JAY, Elizabeth, d/o D. & M., d. Feb 8, 1840, age 18y 10m 10d


JESTER, William S., d. Oct. 25, 1881

JESTER, Ann, w/o Wm. S., d. Jun 15, 1874, age 54y 6d


JULIEN, Tanza, d. Sep 5, 1868, age 66y 10m 6d

JULIEN, Rebecca, w/o Tanza, d. Oct 14, 1835, age 27y 4m 5d (nee Insco)

JULIEN, Rebecca, d. Jan 14, 1888, age 75yrs


MACY, Jesse, d. Jun 10, 1834, age 20y 4m 25d

MACY, Thomas, d. Apr 16, 1840, age 49y 8m 18d

MACY, Jane, w/o Thomas, d. Dec 24, 1871, age 76y 3m 18d

MACY, Allen, s/o J. & R., d. Nov 11, 1851, age 7yrs

MACY, John, d. Jan 17, 1854, age 58y 5m 11d

MACY, John, s/o John & Abigail, b. Feb 24, 1840 d. Nov 25, 1860

MACY, Deborah, w/o Paul, d. Jan 1, 1823

MACY, Paul, d. Feb 8, 1832, age 91y 9m 5d

MACY, Mary, w/o Thomas, d. May 1, 1845, age 44 yrs


MILLION, Francis, d. Mar 2, 1848, age 61y 11m 14d

MILION, Buley, w/o Francis, d. Mr 3, 1858, age 61y 9m 6d (one L on stone)


MOTE, Sarah G., d. Oct 3, 1855, age 23y 3m 23d


PATTY, Rebecca, d/o C. & P., d. Aug 4, 1823, age 12yrs

PATTY, Anna, d/o C. & P., d. Aug 29, 1839, age 19y, 1m 14d


PEARSON, Henry H., d. May 10, 1836, age 1y 11d

PEARSON, Joseph-----

PEARSON, Benjamin, d. Sep 25, 1845, age 41y 9m 10d

PEARSON, Phebe, w/o Enoch, d. Jan 6, 1841, age 88y 6m 21d

PEARSON, Joseph, d. Jan 17, 1840, age 65y 11m 18d

PEARSON, Margaret, w/o Joseph, d. Jul 17, 1854, age 76y 8m 1d

PEARSON, Thomas, d. Oct 13, 1820, age 92y 6m 20d, Father of Enoch, the Minister


PEARSON, Mary, d. Aug 23, 1812, age 73y

PEARSON, Charity, w/o Robert, d Jun 3, 1811, age about 22y, d/o John & Sarah Galbraith  

PEARSON, Samuel, d. Feb 2, 1810

PEARSON, William, d. Oct 30, 1813

PEARSON, Prudence, d. Sep 7, 1831

PEARSON, Mary, d. Oct 29, 1831, age 4yrs

PEARSON, Sarah, w/o Robert, d. Jan 26, 1821, age 22 yrs

PEARSON, Esther, d. Jul 5, 1818, age 3 yrs, d/o Samuel & Mary Pearson

PEARSON, Amos, d. Sep 3, 1832, age 18 yrs

PEARSON, Esther, d. Aug 10, 1837, age 14 yrs

PEARSON, Ann, d. Oct 10, 1846, age 40 yrs

PEARSON, Ann, d. Jun11, 1888, age 85yrs, d/o Thomas and Anna Macy,

   -           m: 1) Benjamin Pearson  2) Enoch Pearson


RADER, Elizabeth, w/o Philip, d. 1824, age 32yrs (Philip buried in Old Sugar Grove)


SHEARER, Joanna, w/o Titus, d/o F. & C. Yount, d. Feb 7, 1870, age 44 yrs


THOMAS, Elizabeth, w/o Edward, d. Jun 5, 1880, age 26y 6m 22d


WERTZ, Delilah, d. Jul 11, 1827, age 31 yrs


WILLIAMS, Anna, d. Sep 6, 1834, age 70 yrs, Formerly Davis


YOUNT, John, d. Dec 1, 1822, age 54yrs

YOUNT, Frederick, d. Aug 14, 1880, age 81y 15d

YOUNT, Catherine, w/o Frederick, d. Oct 11, 1878, age 71y 7m 10d

YOUNT, Johanna, w/o Solomon, d. Jun 13, 1824, age 25y 6m 15d

YOUNT, Solomon, d. Apr 20, 1870, age 72y 3m 28d

YOUNT, Joanna, d/o F. & C. w/o Titus Shearer, d. Feb 7, 1870, age 44y 8m 2d

YOUNT, Eva, d. Aug 28, 1881, age 75y 15d


J. H.          June 16, 1880

M. E. M.     1822

P.P.           1841

R. P.          1822

George P.   1841

A. S.          1830

E. N.          1828

T. N. T.       -----



Stones photographed December 2011, but not listed in the previous records


BOWMAN, ___child of Joseph & Mary, d. _____, age __y 17d


SMITH, John N., s/o S. & E. Smith, d. Sept 24, 186__, age 7? Yr 6m 27d

SMITH, Edgar S., s/o S. & E. Smith, d. Sep __, 1871?, age 3/8?m, __ds

SMITH, ___, d. Sep? __, 1864?, age 9y __m __ds


YOUNT, John Henry, s/o __ & R. Yount, d. Jan 4, 1863, age ??


Additional burials recorded in the Mill Creek Monthly Meeting Marriages, Births, and Deaths from 1823, but buried in other grave yards.


Burials in the Old Concord/ConcordGraveyard also known as the Pearson Cemetery


EVANS, Juliann M., d. Feb 19, 1823, age 3y 6m 6d, d/o Robert & Catharine? Evans

EVANS, Esther, d. Feb 2, 1823, age 1y 5m 8d, d/o Robert & Catherine? Evans


FURNACE, Martha, d. Oct 10, 1833, age 31y 1m 5d, w/o Wm. Furnace

FURNACE, Mary, d. Sep 21, 1823, age 26y, 10m 16d, _________


JENKINS, Thomson, d. Oct 22, 1813, age 85y 7m 12d

JENKINS, William, d. Nov 28, 1813, age 58y 3m 11d

JENKINS, Mary, d. Jan 16, 1815

JENKINS, Thomas, d. Jan 24, 1815

JENKINS, Enoch, d. Feb 3, 1815

JENKINS, Hannah, d. Feb 8, 1815, age 5y 10m 11d, d/o Jesse & Hannah Jenkins  

JENKINS, Samuel, d. Nov 7, 1805, age 9m 25d, s/o Jesse & Hannah Jenkins

JENKINS, Elisabeth, d. Feb 7, 1815

JENKINS, Lydia, d. Mary 29, 1819, age 11m 8d, d/o David & Ann Jenkins

JENKINS, John, d. Jul 9, 1822, age 2y 1m 5d, s /o David & Ann Jenkins

JENKINS, Rebecca, d. Sep 28, 1826, age 16y 3m 3d, d/o David & Ann Jenkins

JENKINS, David Lindly, d. Jan 31, 1838, age 1y 4m 5d, s/o Robert & Ann Jenkins

JENKINS, Samuel Addison, d. Sep 6, 1843, age 1y 20d, s/o Robert & Ann Jenkins

JENKINS, Elisaam, d. Sep 9, 1822, age 3y 10m

JENKINS, David, d. Mar 13, 1807, s/o Amos & Elizabeth Jenkins

JENKINS, Amos, d. Mar 21, 1816, age 3y 10m 6d, s/o Amos & Elizabeth

JENKINS, Elisha, d. Jun 17, 1829, age 13y, 7m 8d, s/o Amos & Elizabeth

JENKINS, Jesse, d. Nov 22, 1825, age 68yrs

JENKINS, Samuel, d. Nov 7, 1805

JENKINS, Hannah, d. Feb 8, 1815

JENKINS, Martha, d. Sep 23, 1827, age 3m, d/o Robert & _____Jenkins


MILLER, Nathaniel, d. Oct 18, 1833, age 65y 10m 13d,


PEARSON, Ann, d. Mar 3, 1829, age ???

PEARSON, Rice, d. Oct 9, 1826, s/o Robert & Catharine Pearson

PEARSON, Esther, d. Aug 10, 1837, age 14y, 4m 22d

PEARSON, Katharine, d. Jan 17, 1842, age 49y 6m 2d

PEARSON, Mary, d. Sep 17, 1840, age 42y 10m 2d, w/o Thomas Pearson

PEARSON, Ann, d. May 28, 1836, age 73y 9m 10d, w/o Enoch Pearson

PEARSON, Jonathan, d. Mar 23, 1837, age 8m 7d, s/o Enoch Pearson Jr.

PEARSON, Enoch, d. Dec 17, 1839, age 78y 2m 20d, A Minister

PEARSON, Isac R., d. Oct 1, 1834, age 1y 1d, s/o ??

PEARSON, Sarah, d. Jan 26, 1821, age 22y 6m 21d, w/o Robert Pearson

PEARSON, Esther, d. Jul 5, 1818, age 3y 3m, d/o Samuel & Mary Pearson

PEARSON, Amos, d. Jul 3, 1832, age 18y 10m 17d

PEARSON, Esther, d. Sep 1829, age 2y 9m, d/o _____


RUSSELL, Elisabeth, d. Dec 1, 1815

RUSSELL, Roseanna, d. Jul 4, 1831, age no recorded


Burials in the Randolph Graveyard


COOPER, Isaac, d. Jul 17, 1825, age 50y 10m 2d


CURTIS, Othiel, d. Dec 25, 1821, age 14y 3m 4d

CURTIS, Catherine, d. Oct 19, 1856, age 69y 24d, An Elder


HILL, Elisabeth G., d. Oct 17, 1856 age 21y 3m, d/o ___& Dorcas Hutchins, first w/o ___ C. Hill


HUTCHINS, Benjamin, d. Jan 27, 1836, age 79y 8m 17d

HUTCHINS, Maryann, d. Mar 15, 1830, age 1y 8d

HUTCHINS, Andrew J., d. Apr 17,1840, age 1y 11m 19d

HUTCHINS, Matilda Jane, d. Nov 3, 1832, age 1y 5m 5d, d/o __?__& Elizabeth

HUTCHINS, Isaac, d. Nov 19, 1861, age 74y 4m 25d, An Elder

HUTCHINS, Benjamin, d. May 19, 1855, age 66y 4d, s/o ____ T. Vestal

HUTCHINS, Hannah, d. Sep 18, 1858, age 62y 4m 10d d/o


JENKINS, Jemima, d. Aug 21, 1821, age 23y 7m 25


JONES, Rachel H., d. Nov 17, 1853, age 83y 8m 12d, An Elder

JONES, Alijah, d. Feb 25, 1852, age 84y 8m 21d, A Minister

JONES, David, d. Mar 11, 1815, age 14y 5m 7d, s/o Abijah Jones

JONES, James, d. Jun 27, 1826, age 8y 11m 2d, s/o Stephen Jones


MACY, Nathan, d. Oct. 31, 1818, age 2m 4d


WILLIAMS, Anna, formerly Davis, d. Sep 6, 1834, age 70y 2m 15d


YOUNT, Maryann, d. Oct 7, 1822

YOUNT, Henry, d. Oct 29, 1822


Burial in the Union Graveyard


PEARSON, Rachel, d. Dec 28, 1834, age 30y 1m 2d, w/o Samuel Pearson, d/o Henry Coate


Burials in the West Branch Graveyard


JAY, Elwood, d. Mar 30, 1868, age 5m 18d, s/o James & Susannah Jay

YOUNT, Mary, d. Jul 22, 1842, age 71y 4m 24d, w/o John Yount


Burials in  Indiana


FURNACE, Benjamin, d. Nov 15, 1824, age 8m, s/o Christopher & Sarah Furnace (children buried

FURNACE, John, d. Aug 19, 1826, age 9y 1m 10d, s/o Christopher & Sarah       in Salem Graveyard,IN)

FURNACE, Sarah, d. Sep 24, 1830, age 1y 2m 6d, d/o Christopher & Sarah


McCLURE, Robert, d. Sep 111, 1830, age 77 lacking 25d


Additonal Notes:

Both of these names were buried in Mississinawa Cemetery, Grant Co., IND


Elizabeth Cooper, wife of Isaac Cooper and daughter of John and Esther Kennedy of Geo. died in Grant Co. Ind. at her daughter’s residence near Marion on the third of Feb 1859, aged 76yrs 5mos 19ds and was buried in Mississinawa Cemetery. She was the mother of 6 children that reached mature age 3 sons and 3 daughters. Four of this number died in their junior years (see opposite pages). She was for many years a valuable and substantial member of Randolph Preparative Meeting. She survfived her husband some 34 years when her surviving daughters moved to Ind she accompanied them there.


Isaac Jay, eldest son of Walter D. Jay and son-in-law of above died of Paralytic affection near Marion Ind on the 15th of fifth mo 1880, aged 69y 1m 24ds. Account furnished by his wife.    L.S.M.-Recorder




Rhoda (Cooper) Jay, wife of Isaac Jay and third daughter of Isaac Cooper and Elizabeth (Kennedy) Cooper. Died near Marion, Grant Co Ind. on the 15th of the 11th mo (Nov) 1894 in the 82nd year of her age

[81yrs 8mos 17d] Reported she died _______ in living faith in the Gospel of our Redeemer, rejoicing that she was going to a better land beyond the scenes of time, all her children (living) were present at her funeral. Buried in the Marion Cemetery where her husband was---Survived him 14 years & 6 mos.

                                                                                      L. S. Mote, Recorder

After the discontinuance of “Mill Creek” Mo. Meeting in 1860 the records (all that could be gathered up) of said meeting were placed in the hands of the Recorder of West Branch Mo meeting [Luke Smith Mote]  In looking over the lists of births and deaths, he found them incomplete, many omissions being apparent—And croweded up in the “old style” Single line form—begin difficult to make very much of them (tracing families & c___--unlike the entries on the West Branch books. He therefore took some pains to gather up some those and enter them here—and has from time to time put in notes on the old books concerning the demise of those who once were members of __ meeting that had removed to other parts of the country.


Omissions in the Cooper Family—furnished by one of the daughters, Rhoda Cooper Jay At Marion, Grant Co. Ind


Joseph Cooper: eldest sone of Isaac & Elizabeth Cooper (of Randolph) died of protrated illness that terminated in that of a pulmonary character 11th day of 10th mo (Oct.) 1837 Aged 28 yrs. 8mos 10ds—

Some time previously the married Lydia Evans daughter of Thomas Evans of Waynesville, Warren Co, O.

(who still servies him at this writing Apr. 1888)


Allen Cooper (2nd son) of Isaac & Elizabeth Cooper. died at his home residence (Montg. Co. O. near Randolph) on 28th of 7th mo 1838. Aged 23yrs & 4 mos. His illness was of a Plumonary Character not reached by medical treatment producing much physical prostration & depression of spirit.


Abijah Cooper youngest son of Isaac and Elizabeth Cooper died of the same lingering prostrating disease that terminated the lives of his two bros. named above at the old Homestead (named above) on the 20th of 9th mo. (Sept) 1838 Aged 21 yrs 6 mos 29 ds.


Mary [Cooper] Welch, wife of Webster __ Welch of Harveysburg in Warren Co. O. and 2nd daughter of Isaac & Elizabeth Cooper died at her home in Warren Co (named above) on the 2nd day of the 6th mo (June) 1840. Age 28 yrs 10 mos 21 ds. Her disease was Typhoid fever contractred (it appears from a visit to her sick sister) at Mill Creek.

                   All of the above were buried in Randolph Graveyard.

                                                                   L. S. Mote. Recorder

Thanks to Barb Graef for researching and typing this listing.

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