Brown Township, Miami Co., OH

Located in the town of Fletcher.   It is in the southeast 1/4 of Section 25, on the east side of the Casstown - Fletcher Road (aka County Road 22), and 200 feet north of State Route 36.

This is an extremely large cemetery. If you have photos you would like to provide, I will add them to the listing.

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Story of Fletcher Cemetery for the Sesquicentennial
Summary of History of Fletcher Cemeteries.
Photo of this cemetery

For information talk to Bart Shively at the Suber-Shively Funeral Home in Fletcher on Main Street, Rt. 36 or the Cemetery Superintendent, if he's at the cemetery office.  Go to the new white building at the back of the cemetery for the Superintendent.  The smaller building in the center of the cemetery is no longer used.

ALLEN, Hannah  died 12-31-1875 age 72y 8m 20d. (Buried next to Sylvannus.)
ALLEN, Mundy  died 10-7-1865 age 33y 9m 16d. 
ALLEN, Sylvanus died 3-13-1884 age 87y 1m 3d.  (Buried next to Hannah)
ANDERSON, Deborah  died 9-18-1866  age 83y 5m 7d. 
AYERS, Augustus-  Civil War Marker.  (Buried next to Rebecca Y.)
AYERS, Rebecca Young 1843-1897.  (Buried next to Augustus.) 
BARR, James M.  born 11-7-1845  died 10-21-1890.   (Buried next to Leah.)
BARR, Leah  1841-1928.  (Buried next to James M.)
BEAMER, Louisa J.  w/o Dr. Thomas M.; died 5-3-1862 age 41y 10m 13d.
BENHAM, Moses N.  born 6-29-1814  died 7-13-1877. (Buried next to Nancy.)
BENHAM, Nancy  born 5-8-1812  died 11-3-1898. (Buried next to Moses N.) 
BERRYHILL, A.M. 1828-1900.  (Buried next to Sarah J.)
BERRYHILL, Catharine 1823-1906.
BERRYHILL, Sarah J.  1833-1857.  (Buried next to A.M.)
BRANSON, Harriet  died 11-23-1841  age 31y 9m 26d. (Buried next to Moses N.)
BRANSON, Moses N.  died 7-3-1877  age 75y 6m 5d.  (Buried next to Harriet.)
BRECOUNT, Alfred L. born 12-10-1832 died 10-25-1881 
BRELSFORD, Daniel  1823-1874.  (Buried next to Nancy.)
BRELSFORD, David  died 7-30-1893 age 54y 6m 6d.
BRELSFORD, Joshua R.  born 5-24-1834 died 10-12-1896. (Buried next to Phebe.)
BRELSFORD, Martha A.  died 5-22-1874 age 56y 10m 18d. (Buried next to Samuel.)
BRELSFORD, Nancy  1825-1903.  (Buried next to Daniel.)
BRELSFORD, Phebe  born 3-26-1841 died 4-8-1926. (Buried next to Joshua.)
BRELSFORD, Samuel  died 9-22-1867 age 66y 10m 20d. (Buried next to Martha.)
BROWN, Susan Kiser  w/o Charles; died 5-18-1892 age 82y
BUTTS, Adaline  1845-1896.  (Buried next to Samuel.)
BUTTS, Samuel  1844-19--.  (Buried next to Adaline.)
BYERLY, Catharine  1822-1912.  (Buried next to Jacob.) 
BYERLY, Jacob  1821-1892. (Buried next to Catharine.)
CARMONY, Ella  1849-1901.
CARMONY, Henry S.  1815-1892.  (Buried next to Susan E.)
CARMONY, J. S. 1822-1899.  (Buried next to Sarah.)
CARMONY, Jeremiah A.  died 7-9-1877  age 50y 5m 27d.  (Buried next to Mary A.)
CARMONY, Joseph  died 7-16-1862  age 61y.  (Buried next to Rebecca.)
CARMONY, Mary A. died 4-19-1863  age 32y.  (Buried next to Jeremiah.)
CARMONY, Rebecca  died 2-29-1880  age 75y 9m 19d. (Buried next to Joseph.)
CARMONY, Sarah  1835-____.  (Buried next to J. S.)
CARMONY, Susan E.  1823-1907.  (Buried next to Henry S.)
CARR, Absolem  died 10-25-1881 age 82y 3m 1d.  (Buried next to Mary.)
CARR, Mary  died 7-14-1882 age 74y 5m 8d.  (Buried next to Absolem.)
CARR, Susan  died 7-16-1893 age 50y 21d.  (Buried next to Wm. A.)
CARR, William A.  died 3-11-1917 age 69y 6m.  (Buried next to Susan.)
CARTER, John died 4-8-1897  age 73y 11m 23d. (Buried next to Sarah.)
CARTER, Sarah  1822-1906. (Buried next to John.)
CARTER, William L.  died 10-14-1873  age 25y 7m 18d
CASTLE, James A.  died 7-9-1892  age 68y.  (Buried next to Mary)
CASTLE, Mary died 9-26-1897  age 79y.  (Buried next to James A.)
CAVEN, Asenath died 5-10-1890  age 77y 9m 23d.  (Buried next to John.)
CAVEN, Catharine  1829-1908.  (Buried next to George B.)
CAVEN, George B.  1823-1909.  (Buried next to Catharine.)
CAVEN, John  died 1-5-1872  age 59y 6m 29d.  (Buried next to Asenath.)
CLEVENGER, Mary M.  1847-1915.  (Buried next to William F.)
CLEVENGER, William F. 1844-1925.  (Buried next to Mary M.)
CODDINGTON, David  died 8-17-1860  age 32y 6m 28d.
CONVERSE, Mercy  w/o D.H.; d/o W. & S. Rickey; died 2-5-1862  age 24y 21d
COOPER, Jesse-  Civil War Marker.
COOPER, Martin-  Civil War Marker
CORY, Joseph L.  died 6-8-1865  age 68y 4m 28d
COUNTS, _____  w/o I.D.; died 8-3-1883  age 62y 10d. (Buried next to I.D.)
COUNTS, Eunice A.  1845-1896.  (Buried next to Lewis F.)
COUNTS, I. D.  born 11-3-1815  died 4-17-1905.  (Buried next to Wife.)
COUNTS, Lewis F. 1844-1909.  (Buried next to Eunice A.)
COUNTS, Margaret  w/o Elisha; died 9-2-1863  age 69y 6m 19d.
COUNTS, T. W.-  Civil War Marker.
COVAULT, Catharine  1840-1915.  (Buried next to Newton.)
COVAULT, Elizabeth A.  1830-1910.  (Buried next to Isaac A.)
COVAULT, Isaac A.  1823-1904.  (Buried next to Eliz. A.)
COVAULT, Nanna  w/o Charles W.; died 7-16-1875  age 33y 1m 8d.
COVAULT, Newton  1831-1903.  (Buried next to Catharine.)
COX, Elizabeth  died 8-21-1863 age 66y.  (Buried next to George.)
COX, George died 9-5-1862 age 69y 3m.  (Buried next to Elizabeth.)
COX, Gosham  died 5-13-1867 age 41y 1m 25d. (Gershom)?
COX, Mary  born 12-8-1845 died 10-17-1901.  (Buried next to Paul V.)
COX, Nancy S.  1830-1908.
COX, Paul V.  born 8-10-1843 died 8-15-1900.  (Buried next to Mary.)
COX, Susan  1822-1911.  (Buried next to Thompson.)
COX, Thompson  1822-1903.  (Buried next to Susan.)
COX, Van Buren  1840-1899, Civil War Marker.
COX, Dr. W. S.  1828-1897.
CROY, Allen M.  1841-19__.
CROY, Catharine  1792-1872.
CROY, Elizabeth  1831-1853.
CROY, John  1820-1893.
CROY, William  1850-1926.
DAVIS, Benjamin B.  died 3-31-1873  age 63y 9m 2d.
DAVIS, Charles    (Buried next to Mable.)
DAVIS, Mable (Cyrus)  died 8-18-1941    (Buried next to Charles.)
DAVIS, Mary G.  born 3-8-1807  died 3-7-1890.
DAVIS, William G.  died 5-12-1863  age 21y 4m 12d.
DEVENNY, Harriet  1827-190
DEVENNY, Louisa C.  1844-1912.
DEVENNY, Martin L.  1833-1913- Civil War Marker.
DEVENNY, "Father" 1798-1879.  (Buried next to Mother.)
DEVENNY, "Mother" 1793-1861.  (Buried next to Father.)
DEVENNY, Capt. Wesley  1835-1864.
DEWEESE, Mary J. w/o J. H.; died 1-31-1866 age 29y 10m
DICK, Diana  born 1-13-1834 died 5-20-1898.  (Buried next to John P.)
DICK, John P. born 11-3-1824 died 12-5-1900.  (Buried next to Diana.)
DILBONE, Elvira died 12-21-1875  age 35y 2m.  (Buried next to William.)
DILBONE, Joseph  born 8-23-1828  died 2-24-1894.  (Buried next to Mary A.)
DILBONE, Mary A. born 10-12-1821  died 3-10-1905. (Buried next to Joseph)
DILBONE, Mary E. 1850-1922
DILBONE, William  1837-1904.  (Buried next to Elvira.)
DINSMORE, William B.  died 1-6-1884  age 72y 3m. (Buried next to Rachel H.)
DINSMORE, Rachel H.  died 9-21-1899  age 83y 5m 9d. (Buried next to William B.)
DINSMORE, Sarah M.  1843-1916.
DRAKE, Abbie  1834-1900.  (Buried next to Elbert F.)
DRAKE, Elbert F. 1831-1901.  (Buried next to Abbie.)
DRAKE, Elizabeth J. died 11-29-1879  age 39y.  (Buried next to Joel A.)
DRAKE, J. W.-  Civil War Marker.
DRAKE, William S.  born 1-21-1795  died 2-3-1866.
DRAKE, Joel A.  1849-1938?  (Buried next to Eliz. J.)
DRENNAN, Alexander  born 2-14-1848  died 6-22-1927. (Buried next to Eliz.)
DRENNAN, Elizabeth  born 2-2-1844  died 4-5-1916. (Buried next to Alexander.)
DUKESKIER, George  died 6-5-1875  age 81y 6m 3d. (Buried next to Martha.)
DUKESKIER, Martha  died 3-3-1883 age 73y 10m 11d. (Buried next to George.)
DUER, Jane M. 1845-1912. (Buried next to Joseph.)
DUER, George C. died 4-27-1885  88y 6m 26d (Buried next to Mary.)
DUER, Joseph S. 1838-1914. (Buried next to Jane M.)
DUER, Mary A. died 12-12-1876  75y 3m 17d (Buried next to George.)
DUER, Susanna E. died 9-27-1874  43y 10d (Buried next to William.)
DUER, Sarah E. 1854-1925
DUER, William H. 1836-1915 (Buried next to Susanna.)
DUNCAN, "Father"  1808-1866. (Buried next to Mother)
DUNCAN, "Mother"  1805-1883.  (Buried next to Father)
DUNCAN, Abigail   d/o Moses & Harriet Branson;   died 3-19-1876  age 40y 22d. (Buried next to Thomas.)
DUNCAN, Ann J.  1833-1916.
DUNCAN, Deborah H. died 1-15-1870 age 73y 9m 23d (Buried next to John.)
DUNCAN, James R.  born 11-10-1836 died 8-7-1930.  (Buried next to Margaret J.)
DUNCAN, John  died 9-14-1883 age 86y 29d.  (Buried next to Deborah.)
DUNCAN, John  1848-1825?  (Buried next to Sarah J.)
DUNCAN, Lydia C.  1824-1911.  (Buried next to M.)
DUNCAN, M.  1822-1909.  (Buried next to Lydia C.)
DUNCAN, Margaret J.  born 10-17-1835 died 12-22-1901. (Buried next to James R.)
DUNCAN, Lt. Michael- Civil War Marker
DUNCAN, Sarah J.  1852-1906.  (Buried next to John.)
DUNCAN, Thomas P.  died 3-28-1892 age 60y 1m 27d. (Buried next to Abigail.)
DUGAN, Harriet  1840-1918.  (Buried next to Michael.)
DUGAN, Michael 1844-1889; Civil War Marker.  (Buried next to Harriet.)
DUNN, Andrew born 6-22-1816  died 8-7-1896. (Buried next to Julia A.)
DUNN, Julia A.  born 6-17-1821  died 8-12-1903. (Buried next to Andrew.)
EARHART, Catharine  died 4-16-1881  age 82y 3m 13d. (Buried next to David.)
EARHART, David  died 9-26-1864  age 70y 9m 2d.  (Buried next to Catharine.)
EARHART, David Benton  1841-1926.  (Buried next to Sarah E.)
EARHART, Henry A.  1845-1925 . (Buried next to Lucinda E.)
EARHART, Lucinda E.  1852-1932.  (Buried next to Henry A.)
EARHART, Sarah E.  1849-1883.  (Buried next to David Benton.)
EARNHART, Elizabeth  died 12-10-1862  age 59y 5m 8d.  (Buried next to John.)
EARNHART, Frances  w/o Jacob; died 10-29-1844  age 37y 6d.
EARNHART, John  died 6-14-1863  age 65y 8m 2d.  (Buried next to Eliz.)
EARNHART, Philena  w/o Jacob; died 9-2-1849  age 25y.
EVERINGHAM, Anna P.  w/o Ezekiel; died 11-6-1884 age 86y 6m 18d
EVERINGHAM, Achsah  w/o C.R., d/o W. & S. Richey; died 7-15-1876  age 34y 5m 22d.
EVERINGHAM, Mary  w/o C. B.; 1837-1913.
EVERNHAM, Dezdamona  1852-1854
EVERNHAM, Margaret  1849-1854.
EVERNHAM, Rebecca J.  1827-1910. (Buried next to Samuel J.)
EVERNHAM, Samantha  1847-1907.
EVERNHAM, Samuel J.  1823-1906.  (Buried next to Rebecca J.)
FLOWERS, Dr. Amos  died 7-15-1861  age 49y 6m 23d
FRAZIER, Elizabeth  1816-1873. (Buried next to G. W.)
FRAZIER, G. W.  1814-1881. (Buried next to Elizabeth.)
FRAZIER, T. B.  1844-1909. (Buried next to Sarah M.)
FREEMAN, Hannah  w/o John; died  5-28-1873  age 93y 9m 28d.
FRY, William S. died 5-25-1875  23y 2m 18d.
FRYLING, Mary- w/o John; died 10-3-1865 age 49y 2m 27d
FULLER, John H.  1843-1920.  (Buried next to Susan.)
FULLER, Susan  1834-1913.  (Buried next to John H.)
GALLOWAY, James-  Civil War Marker.
GARBRY, Jane S.  1843-1922. (Buried next to Wm. B.)
GARBRY, William B.  1837-1913. (Buried next to Jane S.)
GASKILL, Nathaniel  died 8-26-1872  age 83y 4m 20d.
GEARHART, Clarissa  died 11-9-1850  age 20y 2m 12d. (Buried next to John W., Elizabeth, &Tish)
GEARHART, Daniel born Botetourt Co., VA 8-6-1803; died 4-10-1865.(Buried next to Mary.)
GEARHART, Elizabeth  died 4-15-1856  age 24y 9m 25d  (Buried next to John W., Clarissa, &Tish.)
GEARHART, John W.  1829-1907. (Buried next to Clarissa, Eliz., &Tish.)
GEARHART, Mary  born Rockbridge Co., VA 9-29-1804; died 5-10-1866. (Buried next to Daniel.)
GEARHART, Tish  died 12-6-1875  age 35y 10m 11d. (Buried next to John W., Clarissa, & Elizabeth.)
GRAHAM, Charles  s/o William; died 5-21-1848 22y 5m 14d.
GRAHAM, Esther  died  10-30-1912 age 67y 1m 27d.
GRAHAM, George  died 9-3-1904 age 75y 5m 12d. (Buried next to Mary.)
GRAHAM, George  Civil War Marker
GRAHAM, Joseph A.  died 2-10-1879 age 39y 2m 10d.
GRAHAM, Lucinda M.  1831-1919.
GRAHAM, Mary  1845-1903.
GRAHAM, Mary  died 2-3-1864 age 63y 1m 16d. Buried next to George.)
GRAHAM, William L. 1834-1904.
GRANBY, Julia Lee  1838-1906.
GRAY, Abram R.  died 5-23-1864 age 21y 8m 7d.
GRAY, Clara H.  1846-1922.  (Buried next to Robert Y.)
GRAY, Daniel W.  died 10-3-1871  age 21y 6m.
GRAY, Eliza  w/o Abraham; died 10-18-1871 age 52y 1m 8d.
GRAY, Mathias  died 2-23-1876  age 67y 11m 15d. (Buried next to Nancy.)
GRAY, Nancy  born 10-7-1811 died 9-10-1885.  (Buried next to Mathias.)
GRAY, Robert Y.  1845-1914.  (Buried next to Clara H.)
GRAY, William-  Civil War Marker.
GRETORS, Addice D.  born 3-12-1843 died 2-1-1887
GRIFFIS, Catharine  d/o James & Susan; died 1-3-1864 age 16y 18d
GRIFFIS, James  died 5-22-1866 age 63y 9m 20d.
GROVE, David born 3-30-1820 died 2-10-1904. (Buried next to Eliz. J.)
GROVE, Elizabeth J.  born 10-31-1830  Died ? (Buried next to David.)
GUMP, David L.  died 11-21-1874 age 48y 5m 26d. (Buried next to Susannah.)
GUMP, Susannah  1827-1912  .(Buried next to David L.)
GUSTIN, William  1822-1900
HANEY, Eve  died 6-12-1896  age 85y 6m 23d.(Buried next to Joseph.)
HANEY, George  died 4-18-1867  age 24y 9m 1d.  (Buried next to Margaret.)
HANEY, James  1820-1897.   (Buried next to Margaret J.)
HANEY, Joseph  died 5-15-1887  age 75y 4m 29d.(Buried next to Eve.)
HANEY, Margaret  died 10-9-1870  age 72y 2m 2d.  (Buried next to George.)
HANEY, Margaret J. 1839-1916.  (Buried next to James.)
HARCOURT, Martha S. died 1-15-1881  age 55y 1m 15d.
HARRIS, John D.  died 9-22-1861  age 47y 7m 2d. (Buried next to Mary C.)
HARRIS, Mary C.  died 6-4-1881  age 62y 6m 18d. (Buried next to John D.)
HARRIS, William C.  died 7-20-1861  age 21y 8m 10d.
HARTLEY, Anna E. 1829-1862.  (Buried next to Thornton.)
HARTLEY, Thornton  1821-1898.  (Buried next to Anna E.)
HECKMAN, Louisa  w/o John; died 9-24-1851 age 41y 1m 2d.
HENDLEY, Clarissa  died 2-5-1863  age 73y 4m 20d. (Buried next to John D.)
HENDLEY, John D.  died 5-10-1876  age 84y 5m 16d.  (Buried next to Clarissa)
HENDLEY, William  died 10-5-1842  age 25y 3m 24d.
HETZLER, Elizabeth 1822-1909.
HETZLER, Sylvester  1831-1867
HETZLER, John  died 10-30-1865  age 74y 10m 10d. (Buried next to Margaret.)
HETZLER, Margaret  died 2-18-1881  age 70y 5m 13d.  (Buried next to John.)
HETZLER, James born 3-9-1828  died 4-26-1892.
HETZLER, Jacob  died 8-25-1878  age 80y 8m 24d. (Buried next to Sarah.)
HETZLER, Sarah  died 3-12-1880  age 73y.  (Buried next to Jacob.)
HETZLER, John F.  1838-1912.
HETZLER, Martha  1847-1912.
HETZLER, George  1800-1876.  (Buried next to Nancy.)
HETZLER, Nancy  1804-1891.  (Buried next to George.)
HETZLER, John B. 1829-1898.  (Buried next to Sarah A.)
HETZLER, Sarah A.  1834-1920.  (Buried next to John B.)
HOWELL, Ephriam A.  1834-1912. (Buried next to Amanda C.)
HOWELL, Amanda C.  1838-1903. (Buried next to Ephriam A.)
HOWELL, James A.  1847-1928. (Buried next to Ellen M.)
HOWELL, Ellen M.  1849-1916. (Buried next to James A.)
HOWELL, Daniel  died 7-10-1852  age 71y 6m 6d.
HOWELL, George W.  1850-1929. (Buried next to Ollie C.)
HOWELL, Ollie C. 1867-19__. (Buried next to George W.)
HILL, Charles died 10-13-1855 age 65y 8m 4d.  (Buried next to Mercy.)
HILL, Eliza J.  died 3-13-1875  age 65y 4m 16d. (Buried next to Samuel P.)
HILL, Mercy  died 9-9-1869 age 74y 5m 12d.  (Buried next to Charles.)
HILL, Samuel P. died 9-25-1880  age 65y 8m 20d.  (Buried next to Eliza J.)
HILL, Sarah M. Frazier  1846-1929. (Buried next to T. B.)
Hill, Mable (Louthan) w/o Robert
Hill, Robert, h/o Mabel Louthan
HOUSER, John D.  born 4-13-1821  died 10-21-1891.  (Buried next to Rispah.})
HOUSER, Rispah B.  born 5-7-1831  died 3-5-1880.  (Buried next to John D.)
HOUSER, Martin V.  born 2-14-1830  died 6-8-1916.  (Buried next to Margaret.)
HOUSER, Margaret  died 3-2-1886 age 55y 3m 29d.  (Buried next to Martin V.)
HOUSER, John  born 1-27-1790  died 9-2-1870.  (Buried next to Margaret.)
HOUSER, Margaret  born 3-25-1798  died 10-16-1881. (Buried next to John.)
HOUSER, Samuel  born 2-27-1819  died 7-6-1882.
HOUSER, Jacob C.  born 2-5-1835  died 5-6-1864.
HOUSER, Bartholomew s/o J.& M.; died 7-28-1864 age 23y.
HOWLAND, Albert died 5-3-1873  age 75y 3m 16d. (Buried next to Caroline.)
HOWLAND, Caroline  died 1-18-1858  age 55y 2m 25d.  (Buried next to Albert.)
HUBLELL, Sarah J. w/o William; died 5-29-1874  age 33y 5m 25d.
HUET, John  1843-1917.  (Buried next to Sarah F.)
HUET, Sarah F. 1847-1898.  (Buried next to John.)
INGLING, George  1827-1911.  (Buried next to Mary)
INGLING, Mary  1838-1910.  (Buried next to George)
IRWIN, Prudence Wilson  1812-1903 (wid/o James Wilson)  (Buried next to James)
IRWIN, James  1793-1869.  (Buried next to Prudence.)
JOHN, Adeline w/o Thomas; died 3-17-1873 age 19y 9m 17d
JOHNSON, Hiram P.  1817-1893.  (Buried next to Hannah.) 
JOHNSON, Hannah  died 3-18-1887  age 70y 2m 14d; (Buried next to Hiram.)
JOHNSON, Giles  1787-1875
JONES, Alva G.  died 1-12-1878  age 29y 27d.
JONES, Solomon S.  1816-1865.  (Buried next to Mary S.)
JONES, Mary S. 1815-1901.  (Buried next to Solomon S.)
JONES, Ann E.  1839-1855.
JONES, Frank D.-  Civil War Marker
KELLY, J. H.  died 3-3-1892  age 71y 28d. (Buried next to Mary.)
KELLY, Mary  died 7-18-1888  age 73y 7m 21d.  (Buried next to J. H.)
KEMP, Elizabeth  died 9-13-1858  age 57y 2m 13d.   (Buried next to Ralph.)
KEMP, Hiram  born PA; died 8-12-1850  age 27y 11m 18d.
KEMP, Levi  died 4-6-1867  age 73y 7m.  (Buried next to Olive.)
KEMP, Olive  died 7-29-1850  age 48y 2m 23d.  (Buried next to Levi.)
KEMP, Ralph  born Hollis, N. H.; 3-28-1796  died 9-19-1867. (Buried next to Elizabeth.)
KEPHART, George  born 1803  died 9-19-1863.  (Buried next to Roxanna.)
KERBY, Jonathan  died 7-23-1871  age 63y 5m 22d
KIRBY, Aaron  died 3-18-1888  age 60y 8m 17d.   (Buried next to Evaline.})
KIRBY, Evaline  died 2-6-1917  age 91y 7m 8d.(Buried next to Aaron.)
KISER, Adeline M. born 6-27-1836 died 5-6-1896.  (Buried next to Wm. M.)
KISER, Barbara died 10-10-1867  75y 10m 11d(Buried next to John.)
KISER, Benjamin L.  born 3-26-1840 died 2-7-1896.(Buried next to Mary A.)
KISER, Hester D.  1843-1924.(Buried next to William F.)
KISER, Isaac  born 11-2-1810 died 12-11-1897.(Buried next to Sarah.)
KISER, J. M.  Civil War Marker
KISER, John died 12-12-1852  74y.(Buried next to Barbara.)
KISER, John S. born 10-29-1835 died 12-20-1898.
KISER, Jacob  s/o J. & B.; died 6-5-1865  39y 4m
KISER, Joseph C. 1831-1917. (Buried next to Mary & Mary L.)
KISER, Mary  born 1-19-1834  died 2-15-1861. (Buried next to Joseph C. & Mary L.)
KISER, Mary A. born 4-13-1846 died 8-25-1914. (Buried next to Benj.)
KISER, Mary L. born 5-7-1839 died 3-26-1880. (Buried next to Joseph C. & Mary.)
KISER, Sarah  born 2-28-1813 died 8-8-1867.(Buried next to Isaac.)
KISER, Sarah  1845-1933.(Buried next to Wm. D.)
KISER, William D. Civil War Marker.(Buried next to Sarah.)
KISER, William F. 1844-1914.(Buried next to Hester D.)
KISER, William M. born 2-20-1838 died 1-20-1860. (Buried next to Adeline.)
LANE, Charles H.  died  9-12-1896  age 77y 3m 20d.  (Buried next to Eliz.)
LANE, Elizabeth  died 3-10-1900 age 77y 5m 28d. (Buried next to Charles H.)
LANE, Isaac, Sr.  died 7-28-1869 age 85y 3m.
LANE, Isaac  born 4-4-1816 died 8-10-1893.  (Buried next to Sarah.)
LANE, Jacob  died 10-5-1855 age 71y 5m 8d. (Buried next to Lydia.)
LANE, Jane died 5-25-1858 age 27y 4m 26d.  (Buried next to Samuel S.)
LANE, Latitia  born 3-23-1828 died 8-28-1887. (Buried next to Richard.)
LANE, Lydia  died 11-9-1849 age 55y 5m 10d.  (Buried next to Jacob.)
LANE, Samuel S. died 9-27-1867 age 40y 5m 10d.  (Buried next to Jane.)
LANE, Sarah  died 1-2-1889 age 64y 9m 23d.
LANE, Sarah  born 2-16-1826 died 3-11-1901.  (Buried next to Isaac.)
LANE, Richard W.  born 7-17-1814 died 1-23-1887. (Buried next to Latitia.)
LASENY, Harrison  died 10-23-1851 age 24y 3m 16d.
LASENY, John  died 9-23-1862 age 77y 6m.  (Buried next to Martha.)
LASENY, Margaret  died 6-2-1875 age 44y 4m 22d.  (Buried next to Samuel.)
LASENY, Martha  died 12-13-1861 age 76y.  (Buried next to John.)
LASENY, Samuel  died 1-26-1877 age 56y 1m 20d. (Buried next to Margaret.)
LAUER, Elizabeth  1836-1923.  (Buried next to Rev. James.)
LAUER, Rev. James  died 4-28-1898  age 66y 1m 9d. (Buried next to Eliz.)
LAWHEAD, John F.  1845-19__. (Buried next to Martha J.)
LAWHEAD, Martha J. 1849-1887.  (Buried next to John F.)
LAWRENCE, Asher A.-  Civil War Marker
LAYMAN, William  born 11-8-1838  died 9-9-1864.
LEGG, William G.  died 4-1-1866  age 71y 7m 27d.
LOCKER, G. R.  born 3-3-1819  died 7-15-1869.
LONG, Hannah Earhart  died 8-5-1861  age 31y 9m 4d.
LOUGHMAN, Elizabeth  w/o Thomas; d/o Geo. & Nancy Hetzler; died 5-2-1860  age 24y 8m 3d.
LUCE, John  died 11-15-1871 age 72y 1m.
LUCE, Margaret  died 10-8-1861 age 38y 9m.
LUKENS, Achilles died 12-18-1864  age 27y 11m 20d.  (Buried next to Rachel D.) 
LUKENS, Deborah  1807-1868.  (Buried next to Hiram & Sarah A.)
LUKENS, Hiram  1814-1888.  (Buried next to Deborah & Sarah A.)
LUKENS, Rachel D.  died 11-12-1864  age 23y 4m 20d.  (Buried next to Achilles.)
LUKENS, Sarah A.  w/o H.; died 2-8-1895  (Buried next to Hiram & Deborah.)
MANNING, Isaac A.  died 2-6-1862 age 38y 1m 15d.
MANSON, Bathsheba  1821-1845.(Buried next to David S.)
MANSON, David S.  died 2-25-1888 age 70y 7m 23d. (Buried next to Bathsheba)
MANSON, Elizabeth  1820-1883
MANSON, Phebe  1797-1883.(Buried next to Wm.)
MANSON, William  1782-1827.(Buried next to Phebe.)
MATHERS, Catharine A.  1838-1929. (Buried next to Miles W.)
MATHERS, Miles W.  1832-1904. (Buried next to Catharine A.)
MATTHEWS, Ann M.  died 11-5-1875   age 79y 9m 8d.  (Buried next to John.)
MATTHEWS, Frances S.  1835-1914.  (Buried next to Rev. William.)
MATTHEWS, John  died 9-20-1848  age 52y 11m.  (Buried next to Ann M.)
MATTHEWS, Rev. William 1827-1862.  (Buried next to Frances S.)
MAXSOM, Eliza J.  died 2-12-1872  age 27y 3m 15d.
MAXSOM, M. S.  1832-1896.
MCDAVITT, Mary  died 3-7-1876  age 86y 4m 3d. (Buried next to Nathaniel.)
MCDAVITT, Mary J.  died 5-1-1839  age 15y 10m 18d.
MCDAVITT, Nathaniel died 8-1-1874  age 81y 1m 3d. (Buried next to Mary.)
MCKINNE, Robert died 10-21-1831  age 63y.
MCKNIGHT, Mary A. 1838-1920. (Buried next to William J.)
MCKNIGHT, William J. 1837-1928. (Buried next to Mary A.)
MCMILLEN, Nancy J. w/o George W.; died 7-1-1866 age 29y 10m 5d.
MCMELLAN, Rebecca A. born 9-17-1825  died 10-16-1918. (Buried next to Steward)
MCMELLAN, Steward  1821-1892.(Buried next to Rebecca.)
MCMULLIN, Joseph-  Civil War Marker.  (Buried next to Nancy.)
MCMULLIN, Nancy  1822-1902. (Buried next to Joseph.)
MEIGHAN, Amos  1817-1892. (Buried next to Julia A.)
MERRITT, Catharine  w/o Bricker; born 4-22-1833  died 6-25-1894.
MERRITT, Henry-  Civil War Marker.
MERRITT, Isaac  died 6-25-1876  age 85y 9m 14d. (Buried next to Margaret)
MEIGHAN, Joanna M.  1850-1920. (Buried next to John F.)
MEIGHAN, John F.  1849-1929. (Buried next to Joanna M.)
MEIGHAN, Julia A.  1828-1891. (Buried next to Amos.)
MERRITT, Joseph  1782-1847.  (Buried next to Nancy.)
MERRITT, Margaret  died 3-9-1866  age 72y.  (Buried next to Isaac.)
MERRITT, Nancy  1788-1870.  (Buried next to Joseph.)
MIDDLETON, Rebecca W.  1849-1927
MILLER, Elias  born 11-9-1792  died 7-24-1886. (Buried next to Catharine.)
MILLER, Catharine  born 1-24-1795  died 12-27-1884.   (Buried next to Elias.)
MILLER, Lucretia  1821-1910.
MILLER, John  1832-1893.
MILLER, Peter  died 11-10-1865  age 32y.  (Buried next to Mary A.)
MILLER, Mary A.  1834-1908.  (Buried next to Peter.)
MILLER, Mary E.  w/o Michael; died 1-5-1866  age 39y 4m 22d.
MIOVER, Celeste J.  w/o E.K.; died 11-6-1873  age 27y 2m 14d.
MIOVER, Isaac  died 4-10-1870  age 56y 6m 15d. (Buried next to Jane D.)
MIOVER, Jane D.  born 10-6-1815  died 1-20-1902.  (Buried next to Isaac.)
MIOVER, S. L.  1835-1915.  (Buried next to Mary J.)
MIOVER, Mary J.  1842-1926.  (Buried next to S. L.)
MOORE, Anna  1833-1931. (Buried next to John W.)
MOORE, Deborah 1842-1899. (Buried next to Thomas B.)
MOORE, Isaac  died 3-3-1884 age 79y 8m 18d. (Buried next to Mary)
MOORE, John W.  1830-1902. (Buried next to Anna)
MOORE, Lydia A.  born 11-11-1815 died 4-14-1885. (Buried next to Rufus.)
MOORE, Mary  died 8-27-1878 age 67y 8m 12d. (Buried next to Isaac)
MOORE, Mary A.  born 7-12-1839 died 5-24-1886.
MOORE, Mary S. died 3-12-1873 age 35y 1m 12d. (Buried next to Wm. R.)
MOORE, Rufus E.  died 3-9-1876 age 68y 11m 26d. (Buried next to Lydia A.)
MOORE, Sidne R.  died 5-27-1861 age 22y 1m 19d.
MOORE, Sidne Rella  died 1-10-1853 age 41y 9m 23d. (Buried next to Wm. B.)
MOORE, Thomas B.  1835-1897. (Buried next to Deborah.)
MOORE, William B.  born 6-12-1797 died 8-2-1881. (Buried next to Sidne Rella)
MOORE, William R.  died 2-27-1864 age 30y 4m 25d. (Buried next to Mary S.)
MORGAN, Henry N.  1845-1918.  (Buried next to Maria M.)
MORGAN, Maria M.  1849-19__.  (Buried next to Henry N.)
MORRIS, Achsah  born 10-2-1822 died 11-18-1915. (Buried next to Calvin.)
MORRIS, Calvin  born 6-23-1818  died 1-1-1897. (Buried next to Achsah.})
MORROW, Melissa J.  w/o R. G.; died 3-14-1885  age 28y 8m 21d.
MORTON, Jane  1807-1887.  (Buried next to Timothy.)
MORTON, John-  Civil War Marker
MORTON, Timothy  1799-1889.  (Buried next to Jane.)
MOTT, Susan  w/o John; married 8-1-1839; died 11-29-1865   age 51y 11m 22d
MURPHY, John C.  1813-1899
MYERS, John S.  born 12-8-1836  died 4-25-1895. (Buried next to Nancy A.)
MYERS, Nancy A.  born 11-1-1842  died 4-7-1933.  (Buried next to John S.)
NICHOLS, Leicester  died 8-18-1875  age 81y 8m 6d. (Buried next to Rebecca.)
NICHOLS, Rebecca died 9-4-1878  age 81y 8m 14d.(Buried next to Leicester.)
NOE, Oscar D. died 10-17-1873  50y 4m 21d
NORTHCUTT, Lydia A.  w/o W. H.; d/o John & Elizabeth Earnhart;  died 4-29-1877  age 48y 3m 26d
O'NEAL, George died 8-30-1897  age 57y 8m 9d.
O'NEAL, Sarah  1818-1811.?
PALMER, George-  Civil War Marker.  (Buried next to Mahala A.)
PALMER, Mahala A. 1842-1917.  (Buried next to George.)
PATTERSON, Mary Y.  1839-1916. (Buried next to Robert C.)
PATTERSON, Robert C.  1836-1918. (Buried next to Mary Y.)
PENCE, James T. died 2-24-1883  age 61y 7m 18d. (Buried next to Nancy.)
PENCE, John M. 1830-1864.  (Buried next to Susanna.)
PENCE, Margaret A.M.  w/o Paul N. S.; died 1-12-1864 age 28y 5m 9d
PENCE, Mary died 1-31-1864  age 62y 8m 25d.  (Buried next to Paul.)
PENCE, Nancy died 4-21-1908  age 88y 3m 5d.  (Buried next to James T.)
PENCE, Paul  died 8-5-1863  age 62y 6m 25d.  (Buried next to Mary.)
POTTER, Emma F.  w/o George; died 10-28-1888  age 20y 3m 10d.
POTTERF, George-  Civil War Marker.
POTTS, John C.  1821-1890.  (Buried next to Rebecca J.)
POTTS, Rebecca J.  1827-1905.  (Buried next to John C.)
RALSTON, Allen  1837-1901. (Buried next to Jane.)
RALSTON, Allen  died 12-29-1867  age 52y 3m 3d.  (Buried next to Mary.)
RALSTON, Barnabos  died 5-8-1862  age 24y 10m 12d.
RALSTON, David  died 10-3-1841  age 22y 2m 1d.
RALSTON, Jane  1847-1921.  (Buried next to Allen.)
RALSTON, Mary died 3-15-1890  age 74y 4m 29d.  (Buried next to Allen.)
RALSTON, Margaret  w/o Wm.; died 2-17-1866  age 28y 6m 20d.
RALSTON, Susanna Pence  1833-1916.  (Buried next to John M.)
REED, Lewis  died  10-25-1872 age 57y 7m 16d. (Buried next to Hannah G.)
REED, Hannah G.  died 2-18-1872 age 58y 9m 19d. (Buried next to Lewis.)
REED, Roxanna Kephart  born 9-24-1805  died 2-14-1876.(Buried next to George.)
REEDER, Elizabeth H.  died 4-3-1872 age 72y 7m 13d.
REEDER, John S.  died 2-18-1875 age 56y.
REEDER, Rhoda A.  w/o M. P.; died 2-28-1874
REID, James K. 1830-1887.  (Buried next to Matilda & Sarah J.)
REID, Matilda  first wife of James K.  (Buried next to James K. & Sarah J.)
REID, Sarah J. 1848-1887.(Buried next to James K. & Matilda.)
RHOADES, John R.- Civil War Marker.
RICKEY, William  died 10-19-1875  age 68y 3m 27d.  (Buried next to Sarah.)
RICKEY, Sarah  died 5-10-1895  age 84y 5m 21d. (Buried next to William.)
ROBBINS, Alvernus 1832-1913.  (Buried next to Sarah E.)
ROBERTS, Elizabeth died 11-4-1861 age 52y 6m 24d.  (Buried next to Israel.)
ROBERTS, Israel died 2-11-1883 age 75y 11m 9d   (Buried next to Eliz.)
ROBERTS, Lydia A. 1841-1924    (Buried next to Richard L.)
ROBERTS, Mary Hill  1831-1917
ROBERTS, Richard L. 1831-1897    (Buried next to Lydia A.)
ROBBINS, Sarah E.  1829-1920.  (Buried next to Alvernus.})
ROBINSON, Lydia W.  died 1-14-1869  in 89th year.
ROBINSON, Nancy M.  1833-1922.  (Buried next to Thomas C.)
ROBINSON, Thomas C.  1831-1910. (Buried next to Nancy M.)
ROE, John S.  1816-1893.  (Buried next to Mary.)
ROE, Mary  1826-1895.  (Buried next to John S.)
ROLLINS, ____  w/o Levi,  died 11-8-1828.(Buried next to Levi.)
ROLLINS, Levi  died 9-20-1823  age 50y 6m. (Buried next to Wife.)
ROLLINS, Eunice  died Sept. 1822  age 18y 3m.
ROSS, George D. born 4-27-1844  died 8-3-1910.
ROSS, Melissa  born 6-3-1849  died 2-24-1913
RUPEL, Mary E. w/o frank A. T.; d/o Ezekiel & Ann Everenham; died 8-23-1863  age 23y 2m 27d.
RUSSELL, Amanda J.  w/o Wm. B.; died 9-27-1866 age 46y 8m 10d
SANDERS, Abram  died 6-25-1881  age 61y 4m 3d. (Buried next to Eliz.)
SANDERS, Cephas T.  died 3-12-1905  age 88y 2m 14d.  (Buried next to Rachel.)
SANDERS, David C.  1822-1895.  (Buried next to Rachel A.)
SANDERS, Elihu died 2-9-1870 age 59y 5m 5d.  (Buried next to Margaret)
SANDERS, Elizabeth  died 8-21-1896  age 66y 9m 21d. (Buried next to John.)
SANDERS, Elizabeth  died 2-7-1893  age 47y 5m 5d. (Buried next to Abram.)
SANDERS, Jasper  s/o E.& M.; died 3-23-1868  24y 6m 15d.
SANDERS, John  died 8-15-1897  age 72y 5m 8d. (Buried next to Eliz.)
SANDERS, Margaret  died 2-16-1879  age 58y 3m 25d. (Buried next to Elihu.)
SANDERS, Rachel died 9-6-1894  age 71y 11m 24d.  (Buried next to Cephas T.)
SANDERS, Rachel A. 1829-1910.  (Buried next to David C.)
SAUNDERS, Peter  died 11-21-1964  age 21y 11d.
SECKMAN, Letitia P. Reeder  1821-1905
SENTNEY, Elizabeth  died 3-31-1863  age 79y 9m 27d.
SENTNEY, Esther  1832-1912.
SENTNEY, Harriet  1838-1918.
SENTNEY, John  born N.J. 10-11-1802- to OH 1814- died 7-11-1876
SENTNEY, Nancy M.  1844-1925.
SHANK, Jane  w/o D.; died 1-17-1862 age 37y 3m 8d.
SHANKS, Leah G. died 8-22-1843 age 38y 11m 12d. (Buried next to Peter.)
SHANKS, Peter died 4-11-1887 age 91y 7m 26d.  (Buried next to Leah G.)
SHELL, Hannah J.  1832-1912.
SHERWOOD, David  1836-1910.  (Buried next to Mary J.)
SHERWOOD, Martha  w/o Wm.; died 2-28-1902  age 71y 10m 10d.
SHERWOOD, Mary J.  1838-1914.  (Buried next to David.)
SIMES, Amanda died 9-28-1868  age 77y 6m 15d. (Buried next to John C.)
SIMES, John, Jr. died 5-24-1849 age 68y 6m 19d; to OH from VA 1810.
SIMES, John C.  died 2-9-1878 age 63y 5m 2d.  (Buried next to Amanda.)
SIMES, Lanty G.  1825-1911.(Buried next to Mary B.)
SIMES, Margaret B.  died 11-17-1830  age 28y 6m 6d.
SIMES, Mary B.  1826-1904.(Buried next to Lanty G.)
SIMES, Peyton H.  died 11-13-1839   age 20y 7m 17d.
SIMMONS, Adam  died 6-16-1866  age 80y 2m 2d.
SIMMONS, Charles  died 11-10-1884  age 53y 9m 22d. (Buried next to Phebe.)
SIMMONS, Elizabeth  died 6-19-1875  age 73y 3m 29d. (Buried next to Peter.)
SIMMONS, Levi R. 1824-1898.  (Buried next to Sarah.)
SIMMONS, Mehetable  w/o Jacob; died 12-27-1875  age 82y 7m 17d.
SIMMONS, Peter died 7-31-1869 age 74y 1m 17d.  (Buried next to Eliz.)
SIMMONS, Phebe  1838-1905. (Buried next to Charles.)
SIMMONS, Philip  died 12-26-1866  age 84y 2m 27d.
SIMMONS, Sarah  died 10-17-1885  age 68y 23d. (Buried next to Levi R.)
SIMS, Ann M. 1826-1887 (Buried next to James.)
SIMS, James died 7-6-1862  78y 4m 12d (Buried next to Margaret.)
SIMS, James 1811-1880 (Buried next to Ann.)
SIMS, Joseph died 2-15-1851  61y 1m (Buried next to Mary A.)
SIMS, Margaret dies 9-22-1845  57y 6m 14d (Buried next to James.)
SIMS, Mary A. died 5-27-1863  74y 7m 18d (Buried next to Joseph.)
SISE, Nancy 1815-1894
SKILLMAN, Jennie Gearhart  w/o Jacob; born 3-11-1855 died 6-11-1884.
SLACK, Achsah  died 11-6-1880 age 88y 6d. (Buried next to Cornelius.)
SLACK, Archibald  died 10-2-1833 age 18y 10m 22d.
SLACK, Abner  died 10-15-1845 age 27y 3d.
SLACK, Cornelius  died 4-27-1856 age 70y 3m.  (Buried next to Achsah.)
SMITH, John  1810-1869.  (Buried next to Mary.)
SMITH, Julia R.  1845-1916.  (Buried next to Martin)
SMITH, Mary  1811-1893.  (Buried next to John.)
SMITH, Martin  1841-1915.  (Buried next to Julia R.)
SNODGRASS, Amos died 11-13-1886  age 52y. (Buried next to Phebe)
SNODGRASS, Phebe 1835-1926.  (Buried next to Amos.)
SNYDER, William D. 1846-1919; Civil War Marker. (Buried next to Mary M.)
SNYDER, Mary M.  1844-19__.(Buried next to William D.)
STAATS, David  1829-1912.  (Buried next to Sarah A.)
STAATS, Hannah  died 3-13-1887 age 80y 5d
STAATS, Sarah A  1828-1904.  (Buried next to David.)
Stem, Kenneth B. 1897 - 1954  h/o Rosie
Stem, Rosie M.  1900 - 1965 w/o Kenneth
Stem, Sherman Clark Jan 29 1922 - Jun 19 1973  WWII U S Army s/of Kenneth & Rosie 
STITH, James died 5-13-1882 age 87y 10m 6d.  (Buried next to Tobitha.)
STITH, Rebecca B. died 1-25-1891 age 65y 3m 16d (Buried next to T. J.)
STITH, T. J.  died 8-7-1878 age 54y 8m 10d.  (Buried next to Rebecca.)
STITH, Tobitha died 5-16-1862 age 71y 7m 10d.  (Buried next to James.)
SUBER, Elizabeth H.  died 8-8-1872 age 71y 9m 23d.(Buried next to George.)
SUBER, George died 9-23-1860 age 63y 10m 11d.(Buried next to Eliz.)
SUBER, Lydia A. died 8-7-1877 age 66y 8m 20d.
SUBER, Mary A. 1834-1915
SUBER, William D. 1825-1889.
THAKARA, Grace born 10-16-1825  died 5-10-1896.
THROCKMARTON, Charles E. born 3-18-1851  died 10-1-1900.  (Buried next to Dora M.)
THROCKMARTON, Dora M. died 3-27-1885  age 29y 6m 8d. (Buried next to Charles E.)
THROCKMARTON, Edwin G.  died 10-25-1850 age 19y 3m 9d.
THROCKMARTON, George died 1-4-1881 age 71y 9m 22d. (Buried next to Sarah.)
THROCKMARTON, Sarah died 9-15-1853  age 41y. (Buried next to George.)
THROCKMARTON, Sarah D.  born 11-23-1818  died 9-13-1891
TOOMIRE, Hannah 1825-1901.
VANHORNE, John B.  died 3-3-1862 age 18y 4m 29d.
VANHORNE, Martha died 5-11-1873 age 64y 9m 16d.(Buried next to Wm.)
VANHORNE, William died 11-5-1869 age 64y 9m 5d.(Buried next to Martha.)
WALMHOFF, Elvira  died 6-10-1876  age 36y 1m 27d.  (Buried next to J. W.)
WALMHOFF, J. W.-  Civil War Marker.  (Buried next to Elvira.)
WAUMHOFF, Mary J. died 8-14-1870  age 19y 11m 25d.
WEATHERHEAD, Anne E.  w/o B.F.; died 6-24-1872 age 21y 8m 20d.
WEAVER, Ann E.  died 1-5-1891 age 63y 7m 18d.(Buried next to John.)
WEAVER, John  died 4-10-1895 age 71y 11m 2d.(Buried next to Ann E.)
WEAVER, Lavina  died 8-24-1875 age 97yrs.(Buried next to Peter.)
WEAVER, Mary A. born 12-8-1818 died 4-6-1901.(Buried next to Peter.)
WEAVER, Peter born 10-7-1818 died 4-4-1894.(Buried next to Mary A.)
WEAVER, Peter died 11-29-1870 age 90y 10m 28d.(Buried next to Lavina.)
WEBSTER, Benjamin H.  1835-1909; Civil War Marker. (Buried next to Elizabeth.)
WEBSTER, Elizabeth  1832-1916.  (Buried next to Benjamin H.)
WERT, Catharine  1840-1924.  (Buried next to Francis M.)
WERT, Francis M.-  Civil War Marker  (Buried next to Catharine.)
WESTLAKE, Lucinda  w/o John; died 7-4-1868  age 20y 9m 8d.
WHITE, Ann E.  1842-1929.  (Buried next to Joshua.)
WHITE, David A.  died 1-26-1882  age 41y 11m 17d.
WHITE, Elizabeth D.  died 10-13-1870  age 69y 6m 18d. (Buried next to Samuel T.)
WHITE, Garret S.-  Civil War Marker.
WHITE, George died 10-3-1869  age 71y 1m 27d. (Buried next to Mary J.)
WHITE, Joshua  1842-1922.  (Buried next to Ann E.)
WHITE, Mary J.  died 3-15-1878  age 74y 2m 15d. (Buried next to George.)
WHITE, Rebecca M.  w/o J.W.; died 12-3-1868  age 23y 10m.
WHITE, Samuel T.  died 2-16-1885  age 84y 4m 10d. (Buried next to Eliz. D.)
WHITNEY, Mary E.  w/o H. F.; 1835-1869.
WILEY, Howland C.  1840-1896.(Buried next to Margery.)
WILEY, Margery  1843-____.(Buried next to Howland C.)
WILGUS, Harry  s/o Wm. & Mary; died 3-16-1875 age 2y
WILLIAMS, Nancy Merritt  1829-1908. (Buried next to William.)
WILLIAMS, William  1825-1904. (Buried next to Nancy.)
WILLIS, Andrew  1807-1881.
WILLIS, Andrew W.-   Civil War Marker.
WILLIS, Elicum  died 12-21-1883  age 79y 10m 11d. (Buried next to Sarah.)
WILLIS, Isabella  died 12-29-1871  age 50y.
WILLIS, Mary A.  w/o Joseph; died 3-1-1866  age 90y.
WILLIS, Sarah  died 5-6-1888  age 74y 5m 26d. (Buried next to Elicum.})
WILSON, James  born 2-12-1816 died 11-24-1882. (Buried next to Rebecca.)
WILSON, Rebecca  born 9-20-1822 died 6-18-1898.(Buried next to James.)
WILSON, Isabel  1844-1933.
WILSON, James  1805-1852.
WILSON, Laura A.  1848-1870.
WILSON, Samuel - Civil War Marker.
WINANS, Anthony  1835-1911. (Buried next to Serelda)
WINANS, Serelda  1841-19--. (Buried next to Anthony)
YASTE, Eunice w/o John T.; died 7-27-1869 age 34y 8m 11d
YATES, Edmond S.  died 8-25-1864  age 71y 1m 12d.  (Buried next to Sarah.)
YATES, Nezer  1838-1902.  (Buried next to Priscilla.)
YATES, Priscilla  died 5-31-1847  age 40y 2m 25d.  (Buried next to Nezer.)
YATES, Luilla 1853-1922.
YATES, Phebe  died 4-2-1830  age 76y 8m 21d.  (Buried next to Thomas.)
YATES, Sarah died 9-19-1866  age 70y 7m 8d. (Buried next to Edmond S.)
YATES, Thomas  died 10-22-1823  age 61y 7m 19d. (Buried next to Phebe.)
YOUTSEY, Jacob  born Frederick Co., Md. 12-21-1812; died 12-21-1871 (Buried next to Margaret J.)
YOUTSEY, Margaret J.  born 10-1-1825 died 7-13-1885. (Buried next to Jacob.)

The following stone readings were added to the above by Nancy Cromer of Wilmette, Illinois on 17 Sept 2000.
Nancy visited this cemetery and copied the following:

COLVIN, Clara Graham Colvin, born 7 Feb 1863, died 8 May 1912
COLVIN, Forest  A. Colvin, born 8 Dec 1860, died 6 Nov 1828
COLVIN, John Fletcher, died 1928, age 88
CROMER, Elnathan, born 22 Sep 1808,  died 7 Dec 1893
CROMER, Catherine Beer,  died 18 Jun 1913, 3rd wife of Elnathan
CROMER, William H., born 10 Jun 1849, died 19 Jun 1934
CROMER, Mary Jane Harvey,  born 23 Nov 1848, died 19 Jun 1934, wife of William H.
CROMER, Hetta C., died 30 Dec 1885, aged 2 years, 2 months
CROMER, Eddie R., died 22 Jan 1888, aged 3 months, 7 days
CROMER, Clyde, died 27 Feb 1888, aged 4 months, 12 days
CROMER, Clara A., born 1 Mar 1873, died Mar 1960
CROMER, Judge Howard B., born 23 Jan 1882 - died 23 Feb 1953
CROMER, Lura A. Colvin, born 19 Dec 1885, died August 1962
GRAHAM, William Sr., born 7 May 1802, died 21 Jan 1875
GRAHAM, Clementina, born 20 Mar 1804, died 18 Aug 1883

This listing below with photos provided by Karen Johnson-Heber.  Also check www.findagrave.com  

Adlard, Eliza J.  born 2-25-1830  died 8-31-1899.  (Buried next to Elizabeth & John.)
Adlard, Elizabeth  born England 3-8-1823  died 3-9-1875.(Buried next to Eliza & John.)
Adlard, John  born 3-1-1823  died 9-10-1902. (Buried next to Eliza & Elizabeth.)
Alexander, Reva (Mother) 1907 - 1959
Allen, Andrew J. 1845 -1921 w/ Sarah Brecount
Allen,Edward H.  1874 - 1949
Allen, Luella  (Frazier) 1876 - 1959
Allen, Sarah Brecount   1847 - 1927 w/Andrew J.
Argabright, Joseph C. 1911- 1944
Ayers, Luella 1971 - 1949
Ayers, Richard T.  1869 - 1959
Bair, Alice  1895 - 1956
Bair,Baby Sep 7, 1913 age 3 dys Child of G. & J. Bair
Bair, C. H. (Cubby)1923
Bair, Charles W. 1918
Bair, Clark, Jr.  1923 -1984
Bair,Delila  Nov 10, 1911 age 4 dys child of J. & J. Bair
Bair, Doris K.Mason  19 ? - 2000
Bair, Frank K. 1888 - 1971
Bair, Edmond 1880 -1974
Bair, Ethel M. 1923- 1979 (Oldfather)
Bair, Evelyn E.  1913 - 2001  (Briggs)
Bair, Geo.  Father  1873- 1942
Bair, Grace G.  1882- 1960 (Kiser)
Bair, Hattie L.  1876 -1904
Bair, Helen A.  1927
Bair,Infant dau of J. & L. E.  1899
Baker, James F.  1883 -1958
Bair, Jenie Mother  1871 -1922 (Gray)
Bair, John Perry1920 - 2003
Bair, Joseph Lester  1955 - 1999
Bair, Lew Ettie B. 1874 - 1908
Bair, Linda L. July 1941 - Apr 5, 2003
Bair, Lucy E.  1915 - 1969
Bair, Michael Alan infant  Oct. 15, 1955
Bair, Robert E. 1910 - 1972
Baker, Ada M.  1888 - 1966
Baker, Agnes E. July 30, 1909 - Nov. 11, 1998
Baker, Alma M. 1896 - 1947 w/James F.
Baker, Arkie E. 1904 - 1968 w/ James C.
Baker, Beulah S.  1888- 1989
Baker, Clarence  1902- 1952
Baker, Claudous H. 1905 - 1973
Baker, DouglasWayne  infant
Baker, Earl J. 1889 - 1928
Baker,George Edwards  US Army  Jan. 27, 1930 - Apr. 12, 1979
Baker, Harold L. 1912 - 2000
Baker,Harry J. 1884 - 1952
Baker, Jesse C. 1893 - 1964 w/Arkie E.
Baker, Mary F. 1909 - 1988
Baker, Virginia 1904 - 1959 
Baker, Weltie E.  1882 - 1976
Baker,Wilma L.  1932
Bodey, Beatrice E. (Hetzler) 1913 -    w/Charles L.
Bodey, Charles Lewis  1919 - 1967 w/Beatrice E.
Bodey, Dorothy M. 1930 - 2001 w/Emery E.
Bodey, Hattie M. 1895 - 1989 w/Wallace, Ronald & Robert E.
Bodey, Robert E. 1922 - 1922 w/Wallace, Ronald & Hattie
Bodey, Ronald L. 19??  w/Robert E., Wallace & Hattie
Bodey, Wallace O. 1892 - 1967  w/Ronald, Robert E. 
Bowers, Emery E. 1917 -1994 w/Dorothy M.
Bowers, George R.   1905 - 1970 w/ Helen 
Bowers,Helen B. 1907 - 1993 w/George R.
Brecount, Esther A. White w/of John D.  Born March 26, 1828.  Died July 31, 1885  Aged 57. yrs. 4. mos. & 5. Days.
Brecount, John D.  Born April 16, 1827.  Died Aug. 5,.1886.  Aged 59 yrs. 3 mo. 19 Days
Brelsford,Elsie C. 1905 - 1981 w/ Paul C.
Brelsford, Estella 1886 - 1891 w/H. Albert & Florence
Brelsford, H. Albert 1859 - 1947 w/Estella & Florence
Brelsford,Florence 1856 - 1931  w/ H. Albert & Estella
Brelsford, Paul C.  1904 - 1986  w/ Elsie C.
Denman, Abraham b. Nov. 10, 1804  d. Apr. 26, 1884  w/ Catherine L.
Denman,Catherine L. b. Oct. 10, 1810  d. Mar. 4, 188? (3 or 8)
Denman, Charlie F. 1880 - 1881
Denman, Hiram B.  1843 - 1914
Denman, James  1829 - 1898(5)
Denman, Margaret C.  1851 - 1933
Denman Monument  
Denman, Morris B. Nov 17, 1815 - Mar 23 1906
Denman, Nathaniel B. June 30, 18?2 - Dec. 3, 1896
Denman, Raymond C. 1900 - 1980
Denman, Rose H.   1846 - 1884 :
Garbry,Samantha J. Hetzler 1835 - 1905
Gilbert,Forest 1895 - 1973 w/ Laura Denman
Gilbert, Laura Denman  1904 - 1989  w/ Forest
Hess,Harold W. 1919 - 2000 w/Pauline E.
Hess, Martin Edward  b. Jun 10, 1937  d. Apr 14, 1967
Hess,Pauline E. 1927 - 1996  w/Harold W.& Hattie
Hetzler, Alice Meighan 1851 - 1929  w/o George J.
Hetzler, Benjamin F.  1858 - 1942  w/ Olive O. Robbins
Hetzler, Benjamin F. 1858 - 1927  w/ Edith B.
Hetzler, Charles L.  1868 - 1940  w/Mary E. Hewitt 
Hetzler, Daniel R.  1830 - 1908 
Hetzler, Edith B.  1864 - 1952  w/ Benjamin F. 
Hetzler, Ermine d. July 22, 1890 aged 23 - 5 - 2 
Hetzler, Ernest Ray w/Martha E. Shawler 
Hetzler, Ettie Mae Stith  1871 - 1960  w/Milton A. 
Hetzler, George J. 1844 - 191? (8)  w/Alice Meighan & Harley 
Hetzler, Harley    1874 - 1910   w/ George J. & Alice Meighan 
Hetzler, Harriet  w/ Christopher  d. Jan 17, 1856 age 27-3-5 
Hetzler, James  1858 - 186(3) 
Hetzler, Jennie Heath w/ Joseph E.  1867 - 1938 
Hetzler, John M.   w/Rebecca J.  1837 - 1880
Hetzler Monument
Hetzler, Joseph B.  Apr 6, 1825 - Nov 4, 1902 
Hetzler, Joseph E.  1863 - 1933 h/o Jennie Heath
Hetzler, Maria E,  1845 - 1926 w/ Peter R. 
Hetzler, Martha E. Shawler     w/Ernest Ray 
Hetzler, Mary A.   1833 - 1914 
Hetzler, Mary E.  1868 - 1940  w/ Charles L. 
Hetzler, Mary E.  born 1-14-1841  died 6-17-1909 w/Moses F.
Hetzler, Mary J. 1894 - 1973 w/o Roy A.
Hetzler, Moses F.  born 1-11-1824  died 12-8-1903. w/Mary E.(Rhodes)
Hetzler, Margaret (Obrien) died7-5-1862  age 89y 8m 5d.  (Buried next to Polser.) 
Hetzler, Milton A.  1866 - 1947  w/ Ettie Mae Stith 
Hetzler, Olive O. Robbins  1883 - 1927  w/ Benjamin F. 
Hetzler, Peter J.  1833 - 1914 
Hetzler, Peter R.  1839 - 1917  w/Maria E
Hetzler, Polser died 10-13-1880  age 82y 8m 11d.  (Buried next to Margaret.)
Hetzler, Rebecca J. w/ John M.  1840 - 1896 
Hetzler, Roy A. 1891 - 1967 h/o Mary J. 
Hetzler, Thurman July,1889 - May 1963 w/Moses F. & Mary E.
Hetzler, Wilbur C. 1861 - 1863 
Hetzler, William F. 1852 - 1929
Kiser, Amos died Feb 22, 1895  age 75 y 5m 3d 
Kiser, Anderson  1902 - 1953
Kiser, Edith L.1893 - 1977
Kiser, James E.  1890- 1966
Kiser, Viola Bixler  1898 - 1992 
Manning, Geo. D. 1858 - 1903 w/Mary E. 
Manning, Mary E. 1855 - 1925 w/Geo. J. 
McIntire,Delbert S.  1918 - 1953 w/Kathryn E.
McIntire,Kathryn E. 1915 - 1997 w/Delbert S.
Noe, Edna M. 1915 - 1986 w/Robert W.
Noe, Robert W. 1917 -1975  w/Edna M.
Pence, Della N.  1892 - 1972 w/Olma A. 
Pence, Olma A. 1873 - 1962 w/Della N. 
Pickering, Dorothy A(Gilmore) 1908 - 2007  w/Harley C. 
Pickering, Harley C. 1905 - 1981  w/Dorothy A.
Shanks, Elizabeth J. (Lane)  1855 - 1909 w/William T. 
Shanks, William T.  1848 - 1932 w/Elizabeth J. 
Shawler, Clinton L. 1890 - 1912  w/Ethel A.
Shawler, Ethel A. 1891 - 1917  w/Clinton L.
Shawler,Harry Isaac Jr.  Sept 17, 1924 - June 24, 1997
Shawler,Kenneth R.  1911 - 1959  w/Mary Ruth Frazier 
Shawler,Martha E. Smith  Sept 5, 1936  w/Harry Isaac Shawler, Jr.
Shawler,Mary Ruth  (Frazier) 1915 - 1995 w/ Kenneth R. Shawler  
Shroyer, Ferman  1893 - 1931 w/Mary E. 
Shroyer, Floyd E. 1912 - 1998  w/Rosa L. Hetzler
Shroyer, Mary E. 1896 - 1963 w/Ferman
Shroyer, Rosa A.Hetzler  1916 - 1963  w/ Floyd . Shroyer
Snyder,Clarence R. 1905 - 1980  w/Mildred May Shawler
Snyder,Mildred M. 1918 - w/Clarence R.
Welshounce, Rose Kiser d. Sept 1898

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