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    5-small Graveyards
    Brandt, Hipple, Rarick, Shilling, and Shoe.
    All five from The Book:
    Cemetery Inscriptions of Newberry Township in Miami County Ohio
    by Joseph H. Bosserman


    This cemetery can no longer be found. All of the stones are gone and graves unmarked. It was located in the north half of section twenty-three of Newberry Township, very near the line dividing northwest and northeast quarters. There were very few graves here.


    Located in the southeast quarter of Section 27, Range 4 of Newberry Township, on the north bank of the Greenville Creek. Only two stones located:

    HIPPLE, John, d: 23 ___ 1857
    HIPPLE, Elizabeth, d: 27 Apr 1853, age 68y

    Note: from the 1850 census, John and Elizabeth, his wife, were born circa 1785 in Pennsylvania.


    There is but one grave marked in this location, It is likely the only grave that ever was made in this place. It is located in the northwest quarter of Section 10, Township 9, Range 4. In 1980, the only gravestone here was still standing and very easy to read. It reads as follows.

    RARICH, Jacob, died 30 Aug 1820, age 41y 9m 3d


    No longer can be found. It was at one time within the corporation of the village of Covington, Ohio, in the backyard of what was 623 East Walnut St. There were no known adults buried there, but two or three Schilling children buried in that place. At one time, Dr. Lewis T. Arthur and his wife Bertha (nee Schilling) lived on that property. The gravestones were removed by Mr. F. Cronenbury after he bought the property circa 1960's. Later the south half of the above mentioned address was sold off and the unmarked graves are now at the extreme rear of the property now known as 610 East Spring Street, Covington Ohio. These infant graves (now unmarked) are still approximately 30 to 35 feet west of Vine Street.


    This burial ground can no longer be found. Likely there were very few graves here. It was in the southeast quarter of Section 13, Town 9, Range 4. It was marked on an 1894 map of Newberry Township. Perhaps these graves were moved into The Highland Cemetery.

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