Lucien L. Youart


Lucien L. Youart is the chief engineer of the Tippecanoe City Electric Light & Water Works.  He was born in this city, August 24, 1876, and is son of George K. Youart, whose sketch appears on another page of this work.  His father was also an engineer, and as soon as old enough to handle a shovel our subject began to feed the fire in the furnace for his father.  From his earliest boyhood therefore he became familiar with machinery and the principles which underlie its operation, and when only seventeen years of age he was given entire charge of the engine at the Excelsior works.  He continued in that position for some time and afterward was given charge of the engine in the works of the Tippecanoe Building & Manufacturing Company, remaining at the latter place until April 1, 1899, when he was appointed by the city council to his present position.  He is very capable, thoroughly understanding his business, both in principle and detail.  The plant of which he has charge consists of a neat and conveniently arranged power house, in which is a fourteen by thirty-six one hundred-horse-power Land & Boodly Corliss Engine. The steam is supplied from a battery of steel boilers, which are sixty by eighteen feet.  The water works system was inaugurated in 1897, when L. T. Sheets was mayor of the city.  John M. Haaga, clerk, and Harry Favorite, secretary, while H. H. Bryant, A. L. Crane, S. K. Robinson, William Koetitz and George Smith were members of the city council.  In 1896, plans had been approved, but these were modified from time to time until 1897, when the works were constructed under the supervision of Harrison C. Babbitt, a civil engineer.  This plant is known as the direct system, supplied by two half-million gallon simple duplex pumps.  Five miles of mains have already been laid, these being supplied with thirty-four valves and forty-eight hydrants, and, including the electric light system, the plant was constructed at a cost of thirty thousand dollars.  The water is a pure quality and of ample quantity being furnished by three six-inch wells about sixty feet deep.  It is pumped direct from the wells into the mains.  The electric light plant consists of a seventy-five kilowatt power dynamo, known as the two-hundred volt system.  The circuit consists of several miles of wire, carrying thirty-five arc and over one thousand incandescent lights.

Mr. Youart was married, October 12, 1898, to Miss Bertha Swindler, who was born in Miami County, Ohio, and in the community they enjoy the warm regard of many friends.  Mr. Youart is past noble grand of Tippecanoe Lodge, I. O. O. F., and has filled all the offices in the subordinate organization.  Both he and his wife are members of the Rebekah Lodge and he belongs to the National Association of Stationary Engineers.  While yet a young man he has won an enviable position in the community, having the confidence and regard of his business associates, for his reputation in business matters is unassailable.

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