Samuel Thompson, retired farmer, Covington, is one of the oldest settlers now living in this township; he was born in North Carolina in 1802, and came with his parents, Sylvester and Polly Thompson, to Miami Co. in about 1807; they first settled in Newton Township, entering the tract now known as the Landis farm ; afterward entered the west half of Sec. 32, in this township, removing to it about 1817, and also entered two quarter-sections on Greenville Creek about the same time; he resided here in Sec. 32 until his death. Samuel grew to manhood here in the pioneer days of Miami Co.; went to a subscription school held in a log cabin at Sugar Grove, but later on a cabin was built in the present Mohler neighborhood; soon after he had attained his majority, he came in possession of the northwest quarter of Sec. 32, upon which he built a cabin, where he removed his family, and has resided here all his life; when he came upon this tract it was all woods, except, "an opening" of six or eight acres; now it is one of the finest farms in the county; there is a good brick house, and other farm buildings to correspond, all the result of his labor and management. He was married in 1823, to Hannah, daughter of Peter Rench, who settled in Newton Township before the war of 1812 ; they had a family of eleven children, and, what is remarkable, there has been as yet but one death in the family-that of the mother, who died Sept. 14, 1879 the children are all married, and each has a family; their names are as follows; Catherine, Falkoner, David, whose biography appears in this work; William, now a resident of Iowa; Nancy, now Mrs. Duncan, of Darke Co.; Mary, now Mrs. D. J. Martin, of Covington; Rhoda, now Mrs. B. F. Jones, of Chicago;, Samuel, now a resident of Findlay; Lavina, now Mrs. Z.. Tobias, of Covington; Josephus; Ellen Shellenberger, also of Covington; and Betty, now Mrs. Isaac Heckman. Josephus was born in 1840, and grew to manhood here on the farm upon which his father first settled. He was married, in 1861, to Amanda, daughter of Otha Rench, who was an early resident of Piqua, and later of Newton Township. Mr. and Mrs. Josephus Thomson have resided here on the old homestead ever since their marriage, having the care of his parents for several years past. They have six children.

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