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Inventory of Slaves,
from the
Will of John Randolph
Roanoke, Virginia


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215  Frank Brown

216  Johnston

217  Phill White

218  Sylva

219  Agnes Jane (daughter of Phill and Sylva)

220  Bllick

221  Sally

222  Craddock (son of Sally)

223  Jim  (son of Sally)

224  Willis (son of Queen)

225  Nero

226  Edy (Wife of Nero)

227  Fountain (Son of Edy)

228  Hiram (Son of Nancy who is dec'd)

229  Mark (Son of Nancy who is dec'd)

230  Watkins Leigh (Son of Nancy who is dec'd)

231  John (Son of Nancy who is dec'd)

232  Susan Ann (Daughter of Nancy who is dec'd)

233  St. George (Son Nancy who is dec'd)

234  Pugh Price (Son of Nancy who is dec'd)

235  Doctor

236  Edmund

237  Luckey (Wife Edmund)

238  Giles (Son Luckey)

239  Nancy (Daughter Edmund by another wife)

240  Jane (Daughter Edmund)

241  Susan (Daughter Edmund by Hattie who is dec'd)

242  Martha (Daughter Edmund and Hattie)

243  Nancy (Granny Nancy)

244  Meshack

245  Cloe (Daughter Meshack, Mother dead)

246  Crawford (Son Meshack)

247  Armstead (Son Meshack)

248  John (Son Meshack)

249  Linda (Daughter Meshack)

250  Amelia

251  Sampson

252  Lucinda (Wife Sampson)

253  Patience (Daughter Sampson and Lucinda)

254  John (Son Patience)

255  Patsy (Daughter Lucinda)

256  Henrietta (Dayghter Patsy)

257  Elisabeth (Daughter Patsy)

258  Jane (Daughter patsy)

259  William (Son of Lucinda)

260  Queen (Daughter Lucinda)

261  Little Sampson (Son Lucinda)

262  Peyton (Son Lucinda)

263  Old Milly

264  Fanny (Daughter Milly)

265  Clem (Son of Fanny)

266  Delpha (Daughter fanny)

267  Barnett (Son do.)

268  Wyatt Caldwell (Son of Fanny)

269  Nathan

270  Granny Hannah

271  Roger Bailey

272  Christina (Wife of R.B.)

273  John (Son of R.B. and C.)

274  Harry (son of R.B. and C.)

275  Ryal (Son of R.B. and C.)

276  Jacob (Son of R.B. and C.)

277  Juba (Son of R.B. and C.)

278  Stephen

279  Effy (Wife of Stephen)

280  Spencer (Son of S. and E.)

281  Maria (Daughter of S. and E.)

282  Jack (Son S. and E.)

283  Jaluda (Daughter S. and E.)

284  Dick (Son of S. and E.)

285  John

286  Betsy (Wife of John)

287  John (Son of John and Betsy)

288  Aaron (Son of John and Betsy)

289  Moses (Son of John and Betsy)

290  Polly (Daughter John and Betsy)

291  Lucy (Daughter Polly)

292  Charles (Son John and Nancy)

293  Queen

294  Essex (Son of Queen)

295  Able

296  Anakey (Wife of Able)

297  Sally (Daughter Anakey)

298  Paterick (Son Sally)

299  Catherine (Daughter Sally)

300  Robert (Son of Able and Anakey)

301  Betsy (Daughter Able and Anakey)

302  Tom Ellis (Son Able and Anaky)

303  Lettey (Daughter Able and Anaky)

304  Peter (Son of Able and Anaky)

305  Nick Davis (Son Able and Anaky)

306  Charity (Daughter Able and Anaky)

307  Frederick (Son Able and Anaky)

308  Abram

309  Judy (Wife Abram)

310  Essex

311  Louisa (Wife Essex)

312  Clarissa (Daughter Essex and Louisa)

313  Mildred (Daughter Essex and Louisa)

314  Watson (Son Essex and Louisa)

315  Rhoda (Daughter Essex and Louisa)

316  Minton (Son Essex and Louisa)

317  Harriett (Daughter Esses and Louisa)

318  Phill

319  Lucy (Wife Phill)

320  Martha (Daughter Phill and L.)

321  Isaac (Son of Phill and L.)

322  Elatell (Daughter Phill and L.)

323  Silas (Son Phill and Lucy)

324  Lethey (Daughter Phill and Lucy)

325  Sam

326  Dicey (Wife Sam)

327  Peggy (Daughter Sam, mother dead)

328  Martha (Daughter Sam, mother dead)

329  Essex  (Son of Sam)

330  Solomon (Son of Sam)

331  Peter

332  Mary (Wife of Peter)

333  Eliza (Daughter of  Peter and Mary)

334  Freeman

335  Milly (Wife of Freeman)

336  Reener (Daughter of Freeman and Milly)

337  Biddy (Daughter of Freeman and Milly)

338  Anney (Daughter of Freeman and Milly)

339  Malinda (Daughter of Freeman and Milly)

340  Beverly Tucker (Son of Freeman and Milly)

341  Agnes  (Daughter of Freeman and Milly)

342  Clason

343  Bartlett

344  Aggy

345  Dolly (Daughter of Aggy)

346  Madison  (Son of Dolly)

347  Emily (Daughter of  Dolly)

348  Kitty (Daughter of Dolly)

349  Fanny (Daughter of Aggy)

350  Phillis (Daughter of Aggy)

351  Bryan (Son of Aggy)

352  Frederick

353  Rose (Wife of Frederick)

354  Wilson (Son of Rose and Frederick)

355  America (Daughter of Fred and Rose)

356  Jackson (Son of Rose and Archer)

357  Luckey (Daughter Fred and Rose)

358  Hilley (Son of Fred and Rose)

359  Daughter of Fred and Rose

360  Nancy (Daughter of Fred and Rose)

361  Moses

362  Phoebe (Wife of  Moses)

363  Margaret (Daughter of  Moses and Phoebe)

364  Diver (Son of Moses and Phoebe)

365  Syhax

366  Hannah (Wife of Syhax)

367  Albert (Son of Hannah)

368  Lettey (Daughter Syhax and Hannah)

369  Eliza Monroe (Daughter Syhax and Hannah)

370  Aggy (Daughter of Syhax and Hannah)

371  Maria (Daughter Syhax and Hannah)

372  Stephen Davis (Son of Syhax and Hannah)

373  Henry (Son of Syhax and Hannah)

374  Old Joshua

375  Nancy (Wife of Joshua)

376  Jeffrey

377  Granny Phebe (Wife of Jeffrey)

379  Siller (Granddaughter of Jeffrey mother dead)

380  James (Son of Siller)

381  Lot

382  Titus

383  Ellender (Sister of  Titus)

384  Hetty (Sister of Ellender)

385  James (Brother of Ellender)

386  Thomas (Son of Hanover and Lavina both dead) and a nephew to Ellender)

387  Toney

388  Bechey (Wife of Toney)

389  Gracey (Daughter Toney and Bechey)

390  Dolly (Daughter of Gracey)

391  Sarah Anne (Daughter Toney and Bechey)

392  Elisha (Son of Toney and Bechey)

393  Washington (Son of Toney and Bechey)

394  Dick (Son of  Toney and Bechey)

395  Nelson (Son of Toney and Bechey)

396  Caty (Daughter of Toneyand Bechey)

397  Isham

398  Nancy (Wife of Isham)

399  Hampton (Son of Isham and Nancy)

400  Isaac

401  Isey (Wife of Isaac)

402  Reener (Daughter of  Isaac and Isey)

403  Mitchell (Son of  Isaac and Isey)

404  Anderson (Son of  Isaac and Isey)

405  Sally (Daughter of  Isaac and Isey)

406  Billy (Son of  Isaac and Isey)

407  Jane (Daughter of  Isaac and Isey)

408  Ryall

409  Cook Jenny

410  Simon

411  Abram

412  Nancy (Wife of Abram)

413  Mary (Daughter of Abram and Nancy)

414  Savery (Daughter of Abram and Nancy)

415  Grey

416  Esther (Wife of Grey)

417  Elizabeth (Daughter of Grey and Esther)

418  Lot

419  Fanny (Wife of Lot)

420  Rebecca Ann (Daughter of Lot and Fanny)

421  Carter

422  Phebe (Wife of Carter)

423  Clemina (Daughter of Carter and Phebe)

424  Betsey (Daughter of Carter and Phebe)

425  Luckey ( Daughter of Carter and Phebe)

426  Isbell

427  Sam

428  Henry

429  Dosha (Wife of Henry)

430  Dinah (Daughter of Henry and Dosha)

431  Hilery (Son of Henry and Dosha)

432  Lethey (Son of Henry and Dosha)

433  Henrietta (Daughter of Henry and Dosha)

434  Israel (Son of Henry and Dosha)

435  Anderson (Son of Henry and Dosha)

436  Carpenter Phill

437  George

438  Mary (Wife of George)

439  Oliver ( Son of George and Mary)

440  Sarah Gould (Daughter of George and Mary)

441  Phill

442  James (Son of Phill)

443  Dick (Son of Phill)

444  Phill (Son of Phill)

445  John (Son of Phill)

446  Francis (Daughter of Phill)

447  Charlotte (Daughter of Phill)

448  Solomon (Son of Phill)

449  Bob

450  Hannah (Wife of Bob)

451  Thomas (Son of Bob and Hannah)

452  Jepe (Son of Bob and Hannah)

453  Abram (Son of Bob and Hannah)

454  Louisa (Daughter of Bob and Hannah)

455  Hercules (Son of Bob and Hannah)

456  Cesar

457  Aaron

458  Vicey (Wife of Aaron)

459  Keziah (Daughter of Aaron and Vicey)

460  Shadrach (Son of Aaron and Vicey)

461  Kitty (Daughter of Aaron and Vicey)

462  Urecy (Daughter of Aaron and Vicey)

463  Jugurth or Sandy

464  Quasha

465  Sally (Wife of Quasha)

466  Fanny

467  Hercules (Son of Fanny)

468  Braxton (Son of Fanny)

469  Parthena (Daughter of Fanny)

470  Yarmer (Daughter of Fanny)

471  Joanna (Daughter of Fanny)

472  Louisa (Daughter of Fanny)

473  Harry

474  Effy (Wife of Harry)

475  Othello

476  Sylla (Daughter of Othello)

477  Clem (Son of  Sylla)

478  Claiborne (Son of Othello)

479  Theodorick

480  Tamer (Wife of Theodorick)

481  Phillis

482  Dilcey (Daughter of Phillis)

483  Jackson (Son of Phillis)

484  Angeline (Daughter of Phillis)

485  Jordon

486  Luckey (Wife of Jordon)

487  Billy (Blacksmith)

488  Maria (Wife of Billy)

489  Seymour (Son of Maria)

490  Jincey (Daughter of Maria)

491  Charles (Son f Maria)

492  Maria (Daughter of Maria)

493  Littleton (Son of Billy)

494  Mary Baker (Daughter of Billy)

495  Buck Smith (Son of Billy)

496  Amoy

497  Syphax or Sye

498  Lizzy (Wife of Syphax)

499  Coley (Mother of Lizzy)

500  Paulina (Daughter of Coley)

501  Fanny (Daughter of Paulina)

502  Julia Ann (Daughter of Paulina)

503  Susan (Daughter of Cley)

504  Amos

505  Ned (Son of Amos)

506  Matilda (Daughter of Amos)

507  Gabriel

508  Dolly (Wife of Gabriel)

509  Moses (Son of Gabriel and Dolly)

509  Lucretia (Daughter of Gabriel and Dolly)

510  William (Son of Gabriel and Dolly)

511  Polly (Daughter of Gabriel and Dolly)

512  John (Son of Gabriel and Dolly)

513  Jimmeg  (Son of Gabriel and Dolly)

514  Shadrack

515  Polly (Wife of Shadrack)

516  Little Othello

517  Patience (Wife of Othello)

518  Amey (Daughter of Othello and Patience)

519  Agnes (Daughter of Othello and Patience)

520  Michey (Daughter of Othello and Patience)

521  Alice (Daughter of Othello and Patience)

522  Isabella (Daughter of Othello and Patience)

523  Essex

524  Caty (Wife of Essex)

525  Louida (Daughter of Essex and Caty)

526  Ephraim (Son of Essex and Caty)

527  Julius (Son of Exxes and Caty)

528  Bull Abram

529  Patience (Wife of Abram)

530  Letty (Daughter of Abram and Patience)

531  Linder (Daughter Abram and Patience)

532  Paul

533  Hetty (Wife of Paul)

534  Susannah (Daughter of Paul and Hetty)

535  John Foster (Son of Paul and Hetty)

536  Calomine (Daughter of Paul and Hetty)

537  Michael

538  Queen (Wife of Michael)

539  Druscilla (Daughter of Michael and Queen)

540  Betsy (Daughter of Michael and Queen)

541  Tennepee Isaac

542  Jeffrey

543  Jimmey

544  Barry (Son of old Quesha)

545  Thompson

546  Nelson

546  Pagey (Wife of Nelson)

547  James (Son of Nelson and Pagey)

548  Charlotte (Daughter of Nelson and Pagey)

549  Jenny

550  Jane (Daughter of Jenny)

551  Phill (Son of Jenny)

552  Thomas (Son of Jenny)

553  Ben

554  Betsy (Wife of Ben)

555  Milly (Daughter of B. and P.)

556  Nancy (Daughter of B. and P.)

557  Fanny (Daughter of B. and P.)

558  Spencer (Son of B. and P.)

559  Meshack Buffalo

560  Mary (Wife of Meshack)

561  Roger

562  Julia (Wife of Roger)

563  Robert (Son of Roger and Julia)

564  Abraham (Son of Roger and Julia)

565  Billy (Son of Roger and Julia)

566  Diannah

567  Albert (Son of Diannah)

568  William (Son of Diannah)

569  Hannah (Daughter of Diannah)

570  Amanda Ann (Daughter of Diannah)

571  Queen (Daughter of Amanda Ann)

572  Paul (Son of Amanda Ann)

573  Amey (Daughter of Diannah)

574  Louisa (Daughter of Amey)

575  Armstead bronder

576  Tenney (Wife of Armstead)

577  Dudley (Son of Armstead and Tenney)

578  Joe Minton (Son of Armstead and Tenney)

579  Luckey (Daughter of Armstead and Tenney)

580  Edward (Son of Armstead and Tenney)

581  Frederick (Son of Armstead and Tenney)

582  Faner (Daughter of Armstead and Tenney)

583  Armstead (Son of Armstead and Tenney)

584  Tiller

585  Camiller (Daughter of  Tiller)

586  Peggy (Daughter of Tiller)

587  Jacob (An orphan Boy nephew of Tiller)

588  Martha (Daughter of Sam)

589  York (Son of Martha)

590  John

591  Solomon (Grandson of John)

592  Dick

593  Archer

594  Austin (Son of Bushy foule John)

595  Peter Johnson

596  Jenny (Wife of Peter Johnson)

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