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COOMBS, MR. AND MRS. - Charles Morris, Esq., received a telegram from Oakland, Md., last Saturday announcing the birth of a little grandson--a son to his daughter Mrs. Lucille Coombs.  The little fellow was born on the 100th anniversary of Mr. Morris' father's birthday.  August 21, 1880 (MU)

- We neglected last week to mention the arrival of a baby at the home of Elmer Falknor.  May 1, 1880 (MU)
HALL, MR. AND MRS. H. S. - Mr. H. S. Hall, of Laura, is the happy father of a fine boy who put in an appearance last Tuesday morning.  April 17, 1880 (MU)
LEFEVRE, MR. AND MRS. C. WILL - A little daughter arrived at the home of Mr. & Mrs. C. Will Lefevre, last Sabbath.  January 17, 1880 (MU)
RONEY, MR. AND MRS. LAWRENCE - A fine bouncing boy, weighing eight pounds, put in an appearance at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Roney, early last Monday morning.  February 21, 1880 (MU)
SMILEY, MR. AND MRS. SAM - Sam Smiley, of the Piqua Democrat, is the happy possessor of a fine boy which arrived this week.  July 10, 1880 (MU)
STAFFORD, MRS. AND MRS. GEORGE P. - A new boy arrived at the home of Mr. George P. Stafford, last week.  May 15, 1880 (MU)
STERRETT, DR. J. A. AND FAMILY - Dr. J. A. Sterrett was the happiest looking man we saw in town last Thursday.  On inquiring the cause we learned that fine boy baby arrived at his home early that morning.  August 21, 1880 (MU)
WAGNER, MR. AND MRS. M. S. JR. - A boy baby arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Wagner, Jr., on Thursday, 4th inst.  November 13, 1880 (MU)

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