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COUFFER, C. N. AND ANNA M. - At Urbana, on Christmas morning, a daughter to C. N. and Anna M. Couffer.  January 4, 1879 (MU)

DEFREES, LUCIUS AND LUCY E. - On Friday morning, 24th inst. to Lucius and Lucy E. Defrees, a son.  October 25, 1879 (MU)

DOWD, J. W. & FAMILY - A boy baby arrived at the home of J. w. Dowd Wednesday morning.  August 16, 1879 (MU)

HARTLEY, LON & FAMILY - A little stranger arrived at the home of Lon Hartley last Tuesday.  October 4, 1879 (MU)

HATFIELD, MR. AND MRS. H. L. - A little daughter arrived at the home of Mr. & Mrs. H. L. Hatfield last Saturday.  November 1, 1879 (MU)

HERRIOTT, REV. C. C. AND MARY - A second son came to bless the house of Rev. C. C. and Mrs. Mary Herriott, of Indianapolis, on the 28th ultimo.  March 8, 1879 (MU)

JAMES, MR. AND MRS. MARVIN B. - A little stranger arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin B. James, bright and early yesterday morning--boy.  August 2, 1879 (MU)

JONES, MRS. AND MRS. PAT - A little daughter was born to Mr. & Mrs. Pat Jones last Sabbath morning November 8, 1879 (MU)

KNOX, GEORGE FAMILY - George Knox was brim full and running over with happiness Thursday on account of the arrival of a little daughter at his home Wednesday.  May 3, 1879 (MU)

McANALLY, MR. AND MRS. HORACE - Horace McAnally is the happy father of a bouncing boy baby which arrive early yesterday morning.  November 8, 1879 (MU)

MAY, MR. AND MRS. CONRAD - The wife of Conrad May, of Piqua, gave birth to triplets one day this week.  November 1, 1879 (MU)

METCALFE, CHARLES P. AND FLORA D. - To Chas. P. and Flora D. Metcalfe, at 12 o'clock noon, Sunday, June 22, 1879, a daughter.  June 18, 1879 (MU)

SHILLING, MR. AND MRS. JESSE JR. - Early Monday morning a daughter arrived at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Shilling, Jr.  November 1, 1879 (MU)

STEIL, FRED AND CHRISTINE - To Fred and Christine Steil, on Wednesday morning, June 4th, at 8 1/2 o'clock, a son.  Weight, nine pounds.  June 7, 1879 (MU)

STILLWELL, MR. AND MRS. J. W. - A little daughter arrived to bless the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stillwell, last week.  October 15, 1879 (MU)

THOMSON, MR. AND MRS. CHARLES - Charles Thomson is the happy father of a little daughter, who arrived this week.  October 18, 1879 (MU)

WILLIAMS, JUDGE AND MRS. H. H. - A fine new boy arrived at the home of Judge H. H. and Mrs. Williams last Sunday morning.  February 8, 1879  (MU)

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