Thanks to Jeannine Friend for these listings

BARKER, MR. AND MRS. W. S. - A little guest arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Barker, last Tuesday--a fine nine pound boy June 22, 1878 (MU)

BARNETT, MR. AND MRS. LEVI - Levi Barnett was about the happiest looking man in town last Monday, and all because of the arrival of a new daughter, a regular little jewel, to bless his household.  April 27, 1878 (MU)

BULL, MRS. LILLY - Another boy! This one came in the household of Judge A. L. McKinney last Thursday morning--a bouncing grandson--son of Mrs. Lilly Bull. August 17, 1878 (MU)

DEFREES, L. L. AND LUCY K. - Friday morning, October 25th, to L. L. and Lucy K. Defrees, a son.  October 26, 1878 (MU)

FOWLER, MR. AND MRS. FREDERICK - Another boy arrived in this vicinity last Tuesday. Weight 10 1/2 pounds. And Fred. Fowler is happy. July 6, 1878 (MU)  

FRIEDLICH, MR. AND MRS. - Another boy. The last arrival at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Friedlich. July 27, 1878 (MU)

GIBBS, MR. AND MRS. MARION - In noting the "new arrivals" last week, we omitted to mention that of a chubby boy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marion Gibbs, in Texas. The new band serenaded the little stranger last Saturday night. July 6, 1878 (MU)

HERRIOTT, REV. C. C. & FAMILY - On Saturday morning last, March 2nd, the home of Rev. C. C. Herriott, of Indianapolis, Ind., son-in-law of Mr. L. F. Dillaway, of this place, was made happy by the addition of an infant son--weighing 8 pounds. March 9, 1878 (MU)

McKINNEY, JUDGE AND MRS. A. L. - Another boy!  This one came to the household of Judge A. L. McKinney last Thursday morning--a bouncing grandson-son of Mrs. Lilly Bull.  August 17, 1878 (MU)

PERRY, MR. AND MRS. NATE - Nate Perry is the happy father of a bouncing daughter who put in an appearance Wednesday noon. September 7, 1878 (MU) 

REEDER, MR. AND MRS. - "Eddie Reeder, Jr.", weight 8 1/2 lbs., is announced. August 31, 1878 (MU)

SHAFFER, MR. AND MRS. D. C. - D. C. Shaffer's wife has two babies, she calls one Mary and the other Martha.  September 14, 1878 (MU)  In the Bethel Township Items.

SOMMER, FAMILY OF LEVI - Mr. Levi Sommer, the Cheap Store man, was made happy this week by the addition to his family circle of another little daughter.  April 13, 1878 (MU)

STEWART, MR. AND MRS. LOTE - Lote Stewart, clerk at Coolidge's, had his Christmas present come last Tuesday night, in the shape of a bouncing daughter.   December 21, 1878 (MU)

THOMAS, MR. AND MRS. W. S. - At the home of Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Thomas, on Tuesday last, a 9 pound boy.  June 22, 1878 (MU)

Mr. James H. Young is the happy father of a new daughter.  October 19, 1878 (MU)

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