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DITMER, GEO. (GEORGE) W. AND WIFE - Triplets - On the evening of the 8th of September the wife of Geo. W. Ditmer, a well-to-do farmer living near Laura, this county,, presented her husband with triplets--a boy and two girls,--the combined weight of whom was 13 1/2 pounds, the boy being the largest of the three.  It is a singular coincidence that just six years previous, in the same month and evening of the month, with the same physician--Dr. A. C. Bobbs--in attendance, Mrs. Ditmer gave birth to twins, both of whom are still living.  September 19, 1874

HESS, SONS OF MARY AND DAVID - Siamese Twins born on August 1, 1874. Stillborn. For full details see obituary Hess, Sons of Mary and David

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