Manning & Cole Family



Thomas J. Manning and Eliza Keller  married July 27th, 1826

( notes it as happened in Franklin, OH)



Charles W.  or  (H.) Manning was born Oct 12, 1846

Miss Lizzie Cole (no details)



Thomas J. Manning died March 22nd1875 aged 73 years 9 months 11 days

Alferson S. Manning died December 22 , 1892 aged 76 years 6 months 6 days

Charles H. or W.  died May 15th, 1897 age 50 years 9 months

Mrs. Lizzie Cole   died March 22nd 1899 aged 64

Thomas William Cole   died Nov first 1901 aged 46

Eliza C.   died June 1, 1871 aged 72 years 4 days

James W. Cole   died May 18 age 18-6-5

Virginia M. Mesick   died May 9th 1886 aged 44 years 19 months 15 days


This Bible is stored in the vault at the Local History Library at 100 W. Main St., Troy

It is not known whose Bible this was previous to being donated by the Bethel Historical Society.


If you recognize these as family members, you  and come to the library and see the Bible with advance notice.


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